Auctioneer Brigitte Kruse receives philanthropy awards from Congress, LA mayor

Brigitte Kruse

L to R: actress and presenter Renee Lawless; award recipient Brigitte Kruse, and Gail Gibson, president of Multicultural International Motion Picture Association (MIMPA)

LOS ANGELES – Recently knighted for her philanthropic work by the de’ Medici Italian royal family, Brigitte Kruse continues to raise the bar in the auction business while also finding the time to help others in major, meaningful ways. A fifth-generation auctioneer and co-founder of the world-record-setting California company GWS Auctions, Kruse has now become the first professional in her industry to receive honors at the US government and city level on the same night.

Kruse is the first auctioneer to receive both a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition and the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition Philanthropy Award, and at the same time.  She received the honors in Beverly Hills on February 21, 2020. The Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition publicly acknowledges Kruse’s outstanding and invaluable service to the community. The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition Philanthropy Award recognizes Kruse’s heartfelt support and willingness to collaborate, which has been of great value to the City of Los Angeles and has helped make the city a better place to live and work.

Brigitte Kruse is much more than a world record holder and lead auctioneer. She is a passionate autism advocate and has lobbied for insurance reform, specifically mental health benefits for the “differently-abled.” She has produced various fundraisers for nonprofit organizations that support families with children who have autism or other different abilities. Kruse and her husband have been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for autism services and research. Kruse has personally donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and MusiCares.

Brigitte Kruse

Brigitte Kruse with her son Givon on the evening of the awards presentation

Much of Brigitte’s passion comes from her 10-year-old son, who is on the autism spectrum. She is currently working with him on his communication device so he can become the first autistic, nonverbal person to become a professional auctioneer. Her dream is to see her son conduct an entire auction someday, with his two sisters by his side.

“When the moment came for me to accept my award and it was announced that I helped children with autism, my son Givon ran up to the stage, unsolicited, to give me a hug in front of 500 people. There will never be enough words to describe the range of emotions I felt when that happened…and the coolest thing is we have it all on film. Any parent with a child with autism will understand how incredible a moment that was for me and for my beautiful son. He has made me be a better person, just by being his mommy,” Kruse said.

Brigitte Kruse has raised more than $300,000 for AIDS research and visits disabled children’s orphanages in high-conflict zones around the world. She and her husband regularly deliver toys, food, medications and clothing to such institutions.

Brigitte cares deeply about the way her industry is viewed and understands that times are changing in the auction business. She continues to be at the forefront of the auction industry, constantly reaching out to connect more people with her chosen line of work. She wants people to know that auctioneers are professional, operate with integrity and are genuinely the most giving people in the world.

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