Congressman to be sworn in on rare comic ‘Superman’ No. 1

Superman No. 1

California Congressman Robert Garcia will be sworn into office on a copy of the Constitution, a photo of his parents, his citizenship certificate, and a copy of Superman #1. Photo credit: Congressman Garcia’s Twitter account

WASHINGTON – Superman is heading to Capitol Hill. Incoming Congressman Robert Garcia is being sworn in as a representative for California’s 42nd congressional district on a copy of the Constitution, a photo of his parents (both of whom died of COVID-19), his citizenship certificate, and a copy of Superman #1 that the Library of Congress is loaning for the occasion.

Superman’s strong moral fiber, and vigilant fight for justice inspired Garcia, and as a young immigrant from Peru, he used comic books as a tool to learn English.

“I came to America at the age of five as a Spanish speaker. As a kid, I would pick up comics at old thrift shops and pharmacies and that’s how I learned to read and write in English,” Garcia told People.

Superman #1 is considered the second most important title featuring the Man of Steel as it was the first issue of his self-titled book. It also holds the distinction as the most valuable comic. The Edgar Church (Mile High) Pedigree copy graded CGC 8.0 reportedly sold for $5.3 million in April 2022 through a brokered sale, according to CGC.

Garcia and his mother, Gaby O’Donnell, immigrated to the US and he became a citizen in 2001. He has stated that becoming an American citizen inspired him to go into public service. He connects with Superman both because of his values and because he’s an immigrant who has embraced his adopted home.

“Superman is the first comic I read as a kid. He was an immigrant from another planet who was raised to believe in truth and justice – and those are things I value. So, definitely, there’s a personal connection there,” Garcia said.


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