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Sculptor hired for monument to ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ captain 

Logo from the television program Star Trek: Voyager

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) – A group hoping to memorialize Kathryn Janeway, captain of the USS Voyager, is a few light years closer to making it a reality.

By partnering with local nonprofit arts organization Artisan Alley, the Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective has been able to begin fundraising. They’re targeting May 2020 for an installation of a monument to the character, played by Kate Mulgrew in “Star Trek: Voyager.”

When leaders from the group last spoke to The Herald-Times, they were still brainstorming what the monument might look like. Talks began with a focus on a similar project in Riverside, Iowa, celebrating Capt. James T. Kirk from the original series. Peter Kaczmarcyk, who’s on the steering committee, said a new vision has taken shape.

“It was always a placeholder idea, and as we brought in more voices and got more ambitious, we moved to doing a bust with an informational table/display,” he said in an email.

For the artist, they’ve enlisted another female leader: Sharon Fullingim, a local sculptor who directs and serves as lead carver the Indiana Limestone Symposium in Ellettsville.

“While we recognize the possible pitfalls of a bust, we are confident in our artist and will have ample opportunity to review and give feedback as it develops,” Kaczmarcyk said. He and others have been spending time engaging with the community this year, hoping to unveil the sculpture in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show’s launch as well as the character’s birthday. Many of them can be seen around town wearing buttons that read “Future birthplace of Captain Kathryn Janeway; Bloomington, IN, May 20, 2336.”

“I have been extremely pleased with the community response within Bloomington. People see the buttons and come up to talk about it, and virtually everyone I have engaged with is really excited about the idea,” Kaczmarcyk said.

They’ve focused on working with local people and organizations to make the fantasy a reality — White Rabbit Print & Design printed the promotional materials, and working with Artisan Alley and its director, Adam Nahas, has helped build more connections to the local arts scene and provide access to facilities for carving and fabrication. They’re working with the city to negotiate a location, which is planned to be on the B-Line Trail near downtown.

“We view this as a community project, and we want the community to be as involved and vested in it as possible,” Kaczmarcyk said.

Beyond Bloomington, interest also is growing, Kaczmarcyk said, and he hopes that will continue. Discussing it with “Star Trek” fans in online communities has led to positive discussions and support of the group’s goal. “I fully expect that once we start really publicizing the project that there will be a huge outpouring of support from around the country and the globe.”

The group recently launched a website at to share information and collect donations. Kaczmarcyk said he’s confident they will be able to unveil the memorial by May 20, 2020, and plans are in progress for potential related activities leading up to that date.




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