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Museum-quality pieces throughout Artemis Gallery’s June 29 Exceptional Antiquities Auction

Ancient Egyptian sandstone panel with three fragmentary columns of inscribed hieroglyphs and a left-facing female figure, perhaps a goddess consort. Late Third Intermediate or Ptolemaic Period, circa 760-30 BCE. Height: 20.5in. Exhibited at LA County Museum of Art; Arizona Museum of Art; and the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, California State University, San Bernardino, California. Published in important 1992 reference written by Dr. Gerry D. Scott III. Provenance: Collection of Dr. W. Benson Harer Jr. Estimate $45,000-$67,500

BOULDER, Colo. – Internationally known and frequently called upon for expert consultation, Artemis Gallery has auctioned some of the world’s finest collections of ancient, cultural and ethnographic art. Each of their auction events is expertly curated, with careful thought given to including historical treasures to please both the connoisseur and motivated new collector. Artemis Gallery’s Thursday, June 29 lineup features a stellar array of objects with deep provenance – some whose trail of ownership can traced back as far as the turn of the 20th century.

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Apollo Art Auctions offers prized selection of antiquities, Islamic art & militaria, June 10-11

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Saxony, lobster-tail hussar’s helmet with wings, circa 17th-18th century AD, reign of August II the Strong. Round skull with six vertical ridges, horizontal visor with attached narrow face guard. Wings adorned with openwork heart shapes. Provenance: Property of European collector; formerly in private German collection. Estimate £4,500-£9,000 ($5,555-$11,110)

LONDON – Apollo Art Auctions, the premier choice for authentic, expertly vetted ancient art and antiquities, takes pleasure in announcing highlights of its June 10-11 gallery auction, with absentee and Internet live bidding available through LiveAuctioneers. In addition to exquisite, professionally vetted cultural art, artifacts and jewelry, the 702-lot auction broadens the buying horizons for collectors of ancient arms and armor with the addition of post-16th-century weaponry.

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Apollo Art Auctions to host March 12 & 15 sales of expertly curated antiquities, Islamic art

Greek Lucanian red-figure bell krater, circa 500-400 BC, TL tested by independent German laboratory Ralf Kotalla. Size: 285mm long x 355mm wide (11.22in x 13.98in). Estimate £3,000-£6,000 ($3,605-$7,210)

LONDON – As any collector of fine objects would attest, you can never have too much of a good thing. London’s premier source for exquisite ancient and cultural art, Apollo Art Auctions, agrees with that sentiment, which is why they’ve arranged for two separate and distinct sales in mid-March to accommodate an abundance of recently consigned treasures. Read more

Artemis Gallery to host Mar. 9 auction of exceptional ancient, ethnographic & fine art

Published Egyptian New Kingdom (latter 18th Dynasty, reign of Thutmose IV to Amenhotep III) polychrome stone panel wall painting from tomb of Neb-Amun (TT90) in Thebes, circa 1401-1353 BCE. Panel size: 12in wide x 11.125in high. Custom stand included. First time at auction. Estimate $15,000-$22,500

BOULDER, Colo. – Some of the world’s finest collections of ancient, cultural and ethnographic art include impeccably curated and well provenanced pieces that were acquired through Artemis Gallery. Internationally known and frequently called upon for expert consultation, Artemis Gallery’s specialists delight in creating diverse auction selections like the one that awaits bidders on Thursday, March 9. The lineup includes many incomparable items that have never before appeared at auction. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

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Apollo Art Auctions offers spectacular ancient art & antiquities, Jan. 29

Important over-lifesize marble portrait of a Severan lady, possibly Empress Julia Domna, circa early 3rd century AD. Realistic details to face and wavy, center-parted hairstyle. Height: 555mm (21.85in). Provenance: Private collection of London doctor; previously with a London ancient art gallery; acquired from old Suffolk, UK collection, 1980s. Formerly in 19th century English collection (based on restoration techniques and information provided by vendor). Exhibited at Olympia Antiques Fair, June 2022. Accompanied by ARS professional historical report. Estimate £100,000-£200,000 ($122,150-$244,300)

LONDON – Apollo Art Auctions will launch its new season of gallery events with a January 29 sale generously laden with ancient fine art, antiquities and rare coins. Bidders who are unable to attend in person may bid remotely by phone, online or absentee, and everyone can enjoy the visually stunning auction catalogue online. With its exceptional photography and authoritative descriptions of rare art and artifacts, the auction book takes the reader on a virtual journey of the greatest civilizations of the world, traversing Classical Europe, Egypt and the Near East, and both southern Asia and the Far East.

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Apollo Art Auctions to host Dec. 11 holiday ‘feast’ of ancient art, antiquities & coins

Rare circa 300 AD Roman silver bowl with central medallion presenting high-relief bust of Zeus with good facial details and abundant hair and beard. Width: 165mm (6.5in). Weight: 230g (7.4ozt). Estimate £2,500-£5,000 ($3,065-$6,130)

LONDON – Apollo Art Auctions hopes to make your Christmas merry and bright with unique antiquities, ancient artworks, coins and wearable jewelry chosen especially for their beautiful December 11, 2022 holiday sale. Whether you’re a collector or a gift-giver in search of something unforgettable, you’ll find it in this impeccably curated auction. The 500+ cataloged lots encompass a broad range of well-provenanced and expertly authenticated artifacts from Classical Europe, through Egypt and the Near East, as well as many treasures from India and China.

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Apollo Art Auctions offers magnificent ancient art & antiquities, Oct. 9 

Egyptian mummy mask cartonnage, Ptolemaic Period, circa 332-30 BC. Made from layers of plaster-covered linen, polychrome painted and gilded. Size: 500mm x 340mm (20in x 13.4in). Provenance: most recently in the collection of an Oxfordshire (England) medical doctor. Accompanied by Art Loss Register Certificate. Estimate £20,000-£40,000 ($22,938-$45,876)

LONDON – With each successive sale, London’s Apollo Art Auctions delights collectors of ancient art and antiquities with a fresh selection of fully authenticated treasures from bygone civilizations. Each rare object – whether valued for its great beauty, historical significance, or both – is offered with the assurance that it has been vetted by top experts working under the direction of Apollo’s founder, Dr. Ivan Bonchev (Ph.D., University of Oxford). On October 9th, the London-based firm will conduct yet another outstanding gallery auction of ancient art and antiquities, with worldwide bidding available online through LiveAuctioneers.

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Apollo Art Auctions presents expertly vetted ancient and Islamic art, Aug. 28

Mamluk or earlier (possibly Ayyubid or Fatimid) wooden panel carved in high relief. Accompanied by Art Loss Register Certificate and radiocarbon dating report. Provenance: London private collection by descent; acquired pre-2000 from Oliver Hoare. Estimate £10,000-£15,000 ($12,050-$18,070)

LONDON – An extraordinary selection of ancient and oriental art, including early Islamic treasures, will be offered by Apollo Art Auctions on Sunday, August 28, starting at 12 noon BST (7 a.m. US Eastern Time). The 417-lot sale, with beautiful and interesting objects to please even the most sophisticated collector, will be conducted live at Apollo’s elegant central London gallery, with international participation cordially welcomed absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

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Dr. Ivan Bonchev stands in front of his London art gallery and auction house that allows him to blend his twin passions for collecting and for ancient art and coins both as an entrepreneur and an expert.

Dr. Ivan Bonchev made his childhood dreams come true

 Dr. Ivan Bonchev stands in front of his London art gallery and auction house that allows him to blend his twin passions as an entrepreneur and an expert in ancient art.

Dr. Ivan Bonchev (PhD, University of Oxford) stands in front of his London art gallery and auction house, a business that is an outgrowth of his lifelong passion for ancient art and coins.

LONDON – Dr. Ivan Bonchev, founder of Apollo Galleries and Apollo Art Auctions, has long been fascinated with ancient art and antiquities. An expert in ancient and cultural art and numismatics, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Oxford. Ivan opened his gallery in 2008, adding the auction house nine years later. Today, Apollo Art Auctions sells a diverse array of ancient art, including Asian and Islamic, as well as ancient relics and coins.

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