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Comic books, pop culture, fashion and art join forces in Jan. 28 auction

The ‘Great Wall of Comics’ displayed at Urban Culture Auctions, a division of Palm Beach Modern Auctions. Photo credit: PBMA Staff

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. – On Saturday, January 28, Urban Culture Auctions, a division of parent company Palm Beach Modern Auctions (PBMA), will offer bidders 90 lots of prized comic books, including many key issues. Key issues – those featuring character debuts and major narrative moments – are especially sought after by collectors and can command significant prices compared to others in the same series.

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Collecting world rocked by discovery of rare Star Wars toys in original factory cartons


Star Wars 12C Luke Skywalker DT with double-telescoping lightsaber, mint on card. Estimate $10,000-$20,000

DENVER, Pa. – Just when Star Wars collectors thought they had seen it all, along came The Morphy Find. That’s the name that has been given to a recently unveiled trove of rare, high-condition Star Wars toys that sat undisturbed in original Kenner shipping cartons, largely forgotten, since the 1970s/’80s.

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Hake’s launches all-Star Wars auction of prototypes and rarities, June 2

Boba Fett L-slot rocket-firing prototype action figure, predecessor to the Boba Fett figure in Kenner’s popular 1979 Star Wars toy line, 3.75in tall, AFA-graded 80+ NM (archival case). Encapsulated with notarized CIB COA. Estimate $100,000-$200,000

YORK, Pa. – In the investment-obsessed world of fine art, scarcely a week goes by without some new auction record being set, either for a particular artist or art genre. Hake’s Auctions, the groundbreaking Pennsylvania company that has specialized in pop culture memorabilia since 1967, also rewrites the record books with regularity, but not with Picassos or Van Goghs. It has become known as “The House of Star Wars” because of its consistent ability to achieve world-record prices for prototypes and other rarities from the fabled sci-fi film franchise. With collector demand at an all-time high, Hake’s has responded to the call by adding something new to its roster: an online auction dedicated exclusively to Star Wars memorabilia. The debut “Special Event” has opened for bidding and will run through June 2nd.

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