Tiffany Studios windows radiate beauty and stir the soul

A circa-1916 Tiffany Studios ‘Gabriel Blowing His Horn’ window made $85,000 plus the buyer’s premium in September 2021. Image courtesy of Fontaine’s Auction Gallery and LiveAuctioneers.

NEW YORK — The use of stained glass windows in churches to illustrate stories from the Bible dates back as far as the 10th century. Pictorial lessons for the masses were key as literacy rates in medieval Europe were poor. These colorful windows typically depicted Jesus, angels, and religious figures amid symbolic and venerated motifs signifying concepts such as rebirth, immortality, truth, charity, love, and purity. The practice of wealthy donors funding stained glass windows has a long history as well, and in the 19th century, patrons turned to Tiffany Studios when they wanted to make a statement while glorifying their house of worship.

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