Stockholm museum robbed of more than 100 antique and vintage toys

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Mike von Matuska of Matuska Doll & Toy Auctions has confirmed a break-in occurred earlier this month at the Stockholm toy museum Leksaksmuseet, of which he is director. He is advising anyone who is offered antique or vintage toys from a Swedish source to ask questions and proceed cautiously.

Mike says restoration had just been completed at the museum and that sometime at night between March 5 and March 9, an intruder forced the alarmed doors several times to gain entry. 

Many rare toys – approximately 115 antique and vintage pieces – were taken in the heist. Mike said they were all “excellent to mint toys of German and Japanese manufacture, dating from 1900 to 1960.” The perpetrator(s) are quite likely to be knowledgeable about toy values, as they took valuable Marklins and Lehmanns, which are easily resold.

All of the stolen toys are listed online at There’s also a selection of images of some of the stolen pieces.

Anyone who may have information pertaining to the theft or suspicions based on offers to buy is asked to e-mail Mike von Matuska at

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