Worcester Art Museum examines ancient Greek pottery

ancient Greek

Lekythos representing two women carrying offerings to the dead by the Achilles Painter (1900.65). Worcester Art Museum image


WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) – The Worcester Art Museum is opening a new exhibit that focuses on the ancient Greek art of pottery and reveals new findings about the methods and tools used by vase painters.

The exhibit titled “Master Vases from Ancient Greece” debuts Wednesday.

It features three of the finest Greek vases in the museum’s collection. Each vase, made in Athens more than 2,500 years ago, illustrates one of the major vase-painting techniques: red figure, black figure and white ground.

Museum objects conservator Paula Artal-Isbrand says Greek potters developed ingenious firing methods to produce the vases’ distinctive red and black colors – a method that scientists were only able to reproduce in the 20th century.

The multi-media exhibition runs until Oct. 1.


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