Artist John Bukaty travels USA to inspire random acts of creativity

John Bukaty

Flag Day by John Bukaty. Image courtesy of the artist

NEW ORLEANS – Artist John Bukaty is well-known for his ability to draw inspiration and energy from everything around him to create art on the spot. For sixteen years, he’s entranced audiences around the world with his “Live Art” performances, painting countless pieces of art in front of an audience while accompanied by live music. Bukaty’s stunning pieces have featured subjects that range from Stevie Wonder and Prince to Frida Kahlo and Gandhi. Now, he’s setting off on a new adventure: traveling around the United States with the mission of creating 500 acts of art in 50 days.

Bukaty’s goal for his 500 Acts in 50 Days tour is to randomly grab objects and turn them into pieces of art. Sometimes the pieces are complex, such as a detailed portrait of a laughing Teddy Roosevelt. Others, like Bukaty’s call for peace and unity in a piece titled Flag Day, are stunningly simple, yet incredibly profound in the message they convey. Through his tour, he hopes to inspire other artists into random acts of creativity.

The 500 Acts in 50 Days Traveling Art tour will feature a lineup of planned destinations, along with spontaneous stopovers along the way, before Bukaty returns to his hometown of New Orleans. Much of the art created on the tour will be available for purchase on his website. Routes and destinations on the tour include:

June 28-30: Indianapolis
July 3-5: Chicago
June 24: Sheridan, Wyo.
June 27: Avett Brothers & Willie Nelson at SummerFest in Milwaukee, Wis.
June 29-July 5: Chicago
July 6-12: Hilton Head, SC
July 14-15: Indianapolis
July 17-20: NYC
July 17: Sundance in NYC
July 21-23: Washington, DC
(More stops to be announced)

About John Bukaty

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Bukaty discovered his love of art at a young age, spending much of his time visiting museums and honing his drawing skills. The son of an NFL player, he followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued football in high school and college. After injuries ended his college football career, Bukaty briefly pursued a life in the business world before returning to his first love: art.

He launched his art career by performing in a weekly live art/music show at a local brewpub, building a following and making Bukaty a pioneer of the Live Painting Movement. Over the years, Bukaty has created traveling art in international destinations, visiting both Ireland and India and drawing inspiration from the scenery, culture, and people. When he’s not touring, he performs at live art events for audiences across the globe. His goal as an artist is to draw from the energy and participation of the crowd in order to create spontaneous pieces that are highly unique.

In his 20 years as a professional artist, Bukaty has created commissioned pieces for organizations such as Chipotle, Comcast, Sprint, Western Union, Budweiser, and Jameson; and celebrities who have acquired his artworks include Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, J.J. Cale, John Popper, Kansas Jayhawks Coach Bill Self, and Steve Winwood.

Click to visit John Bukaty’s website.

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