Beatriz Gerenstein (American), 'Harmony of the People,' 23ft bronze. Image courtesy of the artist

Sculptor Beatriz Gerenstein showing at Venice & Havana Biennale

Beatriz Gerenstein (American), 'Harmony of the People,' 23ft bronze. Image courtesy of the artist

MIAMI – Ten short years ago, Miami-based sculptor Beatriz Gerenstein was showing her art by participating in local art shows. Today one of her works is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of public art in Shanghai, China, and she is currently exhibiting during the prestigious 56th Venice Biennale, at Venice, Italy. In addition, Beatriz will be participating in the Havana Biennale.

It was at one of the local art shows that Beatriz met a man who was introducing new artists to China. He invited her to an exhibition in Shanghai, where her work was extremely well received.  Gerenstein’s work quickly became more recognized in Asia. She participated in many exhibitions throughout major Chinese cities, and at South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Gerenstein’s international appeal is due in part to her ability to express a feminine and spiritual view of the world that inspires and empowers the observer.

On her second visit to China, one of Gerenstein’s sculptures attracted the attention of the chief architect of a major commercial office development in Shanghai. She commissioned Beatriz on the spot to create a sculpture to be featured in the Wanjia Plaza in Pudong, Shanghai, China. Her five-ton, 23ft-high bronze sculpture titled Harmony of the People anchors a prominent public space and is recognized as one of the city’s art landmarks.

Recently, Gerenstein was invited by The European Cultural Centre to participate during the 56th Venice Biennale. Her sculpture The Third Partner was selected among many candidates to be exhibited at the entrance garden of the Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy. The sculpture, measuring 11ft h x 6ft w x 2.5ft d, will be shown until November 22, 2015.

Concurrent with the opening of the exhibition in Venice, Gerenstein received an invitation to participate in the Havana Biennale, also recognized as one of the finest art exhibitions in the world. Resultedly, several of her bronze sculptures will be displayed in Havana from May 22-June 22, 2015 at the “Malecon Project” (Proyecto Malecon).

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