Spanish photographer Cuco de Frutos announces NYC exhibition

Cuco de Frutos

Spanish photographer, Cuco de Frutos, at his previous show held in Brooklyn on March 14. The ‘Reflections’ exhibition will run April 4-12 in the artist’s Midtown gallery located at 315 W. 36th Street. Photo by Fernando de Haro

NEW YORK – Cuco de Frutos Fine Art Photography has announced the second US exhibition of Spanish photographer, Cuco de Frutos.  The exhibition will showcase 10 limited-edition pieces from the artist’s “Reflections” collection in which he captures light and multifaceted views of landscapes through his unconventional use of reflective matter. Featured in this selection is the reflection of the Flatiron Building seen through the surface of a rain soaked Fifth Avenue after a summer storm, the Empire State perfectly viewed through the rear window of a yellow taxi, and a New York City block transposed onto the hood of a vintage Monte Carlo.
The exhibition will open with a reception on Thursday, April 4 from 6:30–9:30 p.m. at the artist’s pop-up gallery located at 315 West 36th Street in Manhattan. After the opening, the exhibition will run through April 12 for viewing during the gallery’s business hours or by private appointment.

“Through his images, Cuco transforms everyday landscapes into layered. multifaceted stories that change with the observer’s own perspective. Capturing moments in time and light and shape, he challenges the way we look at the world around us, revealing a depth and complexity that can only be seen from new angles.” L. Acree, a private collector.

About Cuco de Frutos:

Cuco de Frutos’ photography has been featured in two solo exhibitions in Madrid, “The Good View of the Bad Boy” and “NYContrasts”, and one solo exhibition in New York, “Reflections.”

For more than a decade, Cuco de Frutos, has captured his unique perception and vision of the landscapes and people he has encountered throughout his extensive travels of the world. “I have been passionate about photos since I was very young,” he said. “I printed my first photo in 1991 of a sunrise on a beach in my hometown. As I started traveling, I realized that the camera allowed me to capture corners of the world through my own vision in my photographs.”

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