Hake’s Americana changes name to Hake’s Auctions



YORK, Pa. – Hake’s Americana & Collectibles has changed the company name to Hake’s Auctions. The auction house, which has been in business for 51 years, is integrating the new name as they near the opening of their November auction.

“We have been considering it for a while,” Hake’s Auctions President Alex Winter said. “We wanted to wait until after we celebrated our 50th anniversary. That seemed to be the right timing.”

The name change reflects how the company has grown over the years. In 1967 when Hake’s began, items were sold exclusively through priced sales lists, not auctions. Lists would be mailed around the country, starting with the East Coast, which often resulted in items being sold before the list reached potential buyers in the West. Auctions were implemented to level the playing field and give all collectors the opportunity to make purchases. Though sales lists were still a part of what they did, auctions would become mainstays for Hake’s and over the last decade auctions have become their primary focus.

“In simple terms, ‘Americana & Collectibles’ is what we offer, but auctions are what we do,” Winter said. “So, dropping the ‘Americana & Collectibles’ from our name and adding ‘Auctions’ is a simple and decisive way to rebrand Hake’s in our 51st year.”

The name is now in place with a full-scale conversion anticipated by the end of 2018 and will make its catalog debut on the cover of November’s Auction #225 book. The company logo has been updated while also connecting to its predecessor in a streamlined fashion.

Does this mean that Hake’s Auctions will broaden the types of collectibles they offer? The potential is certainly a possibility.

“Diversity has long been a key component in our success. We love branching out into new areas, learning as much as we can about that subject matter and adding those collectors to our every growing family,” Winter said. “A good case in point is the success we had with the Richard Merkin Cuban and Negro League baseball collection. While we have always offered baseball and sports memorabilia, what Richard had was very unique and not an area we ever had material to offer, until his widow came to us with his collections. Long story short, we sold over $1 million of Cuban and Negro League items and now hold countless world record auction prices. Our attention to detail, extensive research and targeted reach to collectors are keys to us succeeding in any new venture we undertake.”

For more on the auction house, visit hakes.com.


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