2012 edition of Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies now available

2012 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies

2012 edition of the Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies

CHICAGO – The newly released 2012 edition of Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies contains 19 in-depth original research articles and topical discussions relating to personal property appraisal. While the journal is targeted primarily at professional property appraisers, it also contains useful insights and information for anyone involved with the business of personal property such as auction houses, estate lawyers, insurance brokerage houses, museums and cultural property conservators.

The journal is published by the Foundation for Appraisal Education, an independent arm of the International Society of Appraisers. Profits go toward scholarships for continuing studies for both new and veteran appraisers.

Editor Todd W. Sigety, ISA CAPP, commented: “The Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies is now in its fifth year of publication. From what started as a simple concept of creating a platform for personal property appraisers and allied professionals…the journal has developed into an important tool to assist new and emerging appraiser as well as becoming an incubator for developing new concepts and ideas for experienced appraisers.”

The 2012 edition of the journal contains a wealth of appraisal-related content on topics such as the art market, photography skills, report writing, marketing through the media and public appearances; artist identification, fair market value and much more. All articles are specifically written and selected for the personal property appraiser. Appraisers from the three major personal property organizations – ISA, ASA and AAA – as well as independent appraisers, allied professionals, and educators were active supporters and contributors to the journal project.

The 300-page 2012 edition of the journal is available to purchase online for $55 at http://www.appraisaljournal.org/contents.html.

Contact the Foundation for Appraisal Education at 201 W. Lake St., # 214, Chicago, IL 60606. E-mail: info@foundationforappraisaleducation.org.

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