Books: new Overstreet reference is ultimate guide to Star Wars collectibles

HUNT VALLEY, Md. – Forty-one years ago, audiences worldwide were introduced to Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and a captivating cast of quirky characters from a distant realm that defied all imagination: George Lucas’ Star Wars galaxy. With the release of each subsequent film in the Star Wars franchise came the merchandise – action figures, vehicles, playsets, posters and scores of other products that organically formed a specialty collecting category of their own.

416-page full-color reference chronicles the history of “a galaxy far, far away” and the universe of collectibles it inspired

Now a mature market with gravity-defying auction prices that seem to know only one direction – up – Star Wars collectibles continue to attract new fans, but keeping up with increasing values and tracking the latest auction prices can be daunting. Diamond Comic Distributors and Gemstone Publishing President and CEO Steve Geppi had long observed this, and inspired Amanda Sheriff and Robert M. Overstreet to collaborate on the comprehensive 416-page Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, which reaches book stores on November 27.

Star Wars

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Published by Gemstone, the new book takes a holistic approach, first educating the reader about Star Wars’ history and its various eras, then breaking down each collecting subcategory with chapters from knowledgeable guest contributors. Star Wars trading cards, comic books, talking toys, video games, movie posters, Christmas ornaments, original artwork – each of a myriad of subtopics is covered in depth through informative commentary from a number of knowledgeable contributors. Bonus chapters delve into the fascinating offshoots of the Star Wars’ phenomenon, such as how conceptual art was created, the marketing machine behind Star Wars collectibles, and how one super-fan, Russell Branton, amassed a world-class collection of Star Wars action figures that would one day sell for record-setting prices.

In a Q&A-style interview, Branton – whose jaw-dropping Star Wars prototypes and other rarities caused a feeding frenzy in a series of auctions conducted by Hake’s in 2017 and 2018 – reveals how he educated himself, found sources from which to buy, and ultimately amassed the Star Wars action figure collection to end them all. His 1978 Kenner Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi 12 Back-A, AFA 80 NM double-telescoping action figure on its original blister card was auctioned for $76,700 in November 2017. Then in March of this year, Branton’s 1978 Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype (L-slot) figure hammered $86,380. (Source: Hake’s Auctions press releases)

“Learning from insiders who’ve been involved in buying, selling and appraising Star Wars material for decades would be a priceless resource for any collector,” said Branton. “I only wish a book like the Overstreet Guide had existed when I first became involved in the hobby.”

Big, beautiful images, trustworthy information, and the latest, most reliable market prices for a vast array of Star Wars collectibles are the cornerstones of The Overstreet Price Guide which is now available to purchase for $30 through online booksellers, traditional bookstores, comic book shops or directly from Gemstone. It’s the “Force” no Star Wars collector should be without.


About Amanda Sheriff:

Noted author-collector Amanda Sheriff previously wrote The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Movie Posters, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Concert Posters, and The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror. She serves as Associate Editor for Gemstone Publishing, the home of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, where she also edits their weekly Scoop email newsletter. Her work has also appeared in Comic Book MarketplaceAntique Toy World and other publications.

About Robert M. Overstreet:

The dean of American price guide authors, Robert M. Overstreet launched The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide in 1970. It quickly became known as “The Bible” of serious collectors and dealers alike. Since then, he has delivered 48 editions and is now working on the next one. Over the years, he has authored or co-authored The Overstreet Guide To Grading ComicsThe Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Price GuideThe Overstreet Toy Ring Price Guide, and The Overstreet Guide To Collecting Comics, among others. He also serves as Publisher for Gemstone Publishing.

Publication Details:

The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles

By Amanda Sheriff and Robert M. Overstreet

ISBN: 9781603602280

Gemstone Publishing Inc.,

Price: $30 + shipping

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