Fusion of words, pictures traced in ‘Greatest Graphic Novels’

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IOLA, Wis. – In the recently published 100 Greatest Graphic Novels (Krause Publications), authors Alex Langley and Katrina Hill explore the fusion of illustrations and words to demonstrate a thought, an action, evoke a response, and empower one another and the reader.

The book is arranged by themes, including superhero tales, macabre, coming of age, historical literature, fantasy, modern drama and iconoclastic stories. Each of the novels featured were selected for their exceptional representation of the genre.

It’s a genre of literature that offers new adventures at every turn, as the authors discuss in their closing thoughts: “Whether you love to walk along the razor’s edge with the iconoclasts, go white-knuckle with kinetic adventures, mull over life’s most contemplative quandaries with memoirs and history, or voraciously read everything else in between, you can rest easy knowing that graphic novels have a long and lustrous past eager for you to explore it, and a magnificent future lying ever-onward.”

Each of the “100 Greatest” receives its own “royal treatment” in the pages of this book. At least one sample page and the cover are pictured, along with writer, illustrator, and publisher details, and general story line. An added bonus is the inclusion of a particularly memorable quote from each novel.

Some additionally clever elements of the book include: “5 Things” and “Top 10” lists that discuss various points related to specific genres; “Behind the Ink” profiles of writers and artists; and footnotes with humorous quips and insights from the authors.

As the subtitle of this new reference states: The Good, The Bad, The Epic, await in 100 Greatest Graphic Novels.

*Enjoy a sample of what you’ll find in this unparalleled guide: bit.ly/100GGNSample

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Katrina Hill is writer/creator of actionflickchick.com, author of Action Movie Freak, co-contributor to The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead, and she has written for a variety of sites, including MTV Geek, and Crave Online. Alex Langley is author of The Geek Handbook series, co-contributor to Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind, and Captain America vs Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology, head editor of Nerdspan.com’s gaming section, and is the author of the graphic novel Kill the Freshman.

Softcover • 8 x 8 • 240 p • 150 color illus.• Retail $19.99

This book is available at booksellers nationwide, and directly from the publisher at KrauseBooks.com. Pick up this new book for the sale price of $16.99 at KrauseBooks.com and enjoy free standard U.S. shipping when Discount Code NEWBK916 is entered during checkout. This offer is valid through Oct. 31, 2016. It is also available at booksellers nationwide.