Chelsea Hotel Owner’s Fabled Art Collection, Rediscovered Rodin, and More Fresh News

Tom Wesselmann (American 1931-2004) “Study for Blue Nude #14.” Estimate $50,000-80,000. Image courtesy of Freeman’s


News and updates from around the arts and auction community:

  • The late Stanley Bard, co-owner of the Chelsea Hotel — New York’s legendary refuge for the avant-garde — was known for his generosity toward struggling artists. He also collected their artworks, long before they were famous. Bard’s collection will be auctioned May 16. [Read more from Robb Report]

  • Auguste Rodin’s newly rediscovered marble masterpiece titled Andromeda will be auctioned in Paris in May. The work has remained in the same family for approximately 130 years. [Read more from Channel NewsAsia]
  • How big is the art market? Is it getting bigger or smaller? This is the time of year the art world’s number-crunchers release reports that try to answer these tricky questions. [Read more from The New York Times]
  • She’s small but mighty, and experts say she could be worth $333,000 per inch. What is it? A 9-inch-tall marble sculpture from Ancient Turkey that’s valued at around $3 million. [Read more from AP/US News]

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