New comic book Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo unleashes the animals

Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo, a new one-shot comic book from American Mythology Productions

Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo, a new one-shot comic book from American Mythology Productions


BALTIMORE – Twenty years ago, Billy Bob Driwahl began having visions of zombies descending on his tiny West Texas hometown. His only mistake was letting people find out. Now, as the world and things closer to home devolve into chaos with the onset of a zombie apocalypse, the people who ostracized him for two decades have turned to him to save them. Can he do it? And what about the zombie Chihuahuas? Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo, a new one-shot comic book from American Mythology Productions, tackles those questions and more.

Released March 30, the new title was featured Saturday, April 2, at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum’s sixth annual Zombie Gras festival. The 48-page, full-color comic book has a $4.99 cover price.

Zombie-Proof debuted in 2007 as a cult three-issue mini-series from Moonstone Books. The new comic book contains a recap of the events in the mini-series so far, so it is very accessible to new readers as well as those who remember the original. It takes place in a world in which the recently deceased have become reanimated, posing a danger to every living man, woman and child. And now, it seems, also to every animal.

“The story is filled with action, great characters, serious danger, a good bit of humor, clever dialogue, and a compelling, late-night-animation style of art,” said American Mythology Publisher Michael Bornstein. Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo is the first release from the company, which also has The Three Stooges, Stargate Atlantis, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Land That Time Forgot, and The Pink Panther in the pipeline.

Co-creator and writer J.C. Vaughn spends most of his time as Vice-President of Publishing for Gemstone Publishing, home of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide; while co-creator and artist Vincent Spencer plies his craft as a storyboard and concept development artist for television, movies and video games. Vaughn is also co-writing Stargate Atlantis for American Mythology and wrote a story in their next release, The Three Stooges: The Boys Are Back #1, which debuts Wednesday, April 6.


Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo co-creator and writer J.C. Vaughn. Image provided by J.C. Vaughn

Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo co-creator and writer J.C. Vaughn. Image provided by J.C. Vaughn


Since Zombie-Proof’s debut nine years ago, its creators have kept themselves busy with a variety of projects, but they’ve never lost their affinity for the genre, their characters, or the story they were telling.

“The adventures of Billy Bob Driwahl scream to be a film or TV series, which it will no doubt become. Think Home Improvement and Evil Dead directed by Robert Rodriguez, and you have Zombie-Proof,” said Beau Smith, creator of Wynonna Earp graphic novels, which just debuted as a TV series on SyFy.

The issue is available with a choice of three covers, all by artist Vincent Spencer. If comic book retailers do not have them in stock, they can reorder them from Diamond Comic Distributors. The issue is also available from American Mythology’s website ( and on Wednesday, April 6, it will become available in digital form via Comixology as well. For retailers, the item codes are FEB161091 (Standard Cover), FEB161092 (Wrap-Around Cover), and FEB161093 (Retailer Incentive Cover).

In addition to other collaborations and solo projects, Vaughn and Spencer are currently developing Zombie-Proof: Team Zulu, a new mini-series, for late 2016 or early 2017.

About American Mythology Productions

American Mythology Productions (AM) is an intellectual property development firm that works in the areas of licensed, company-owned, co-owned and creator-owned comic books and other media. AM has working relationships with C3 Entertainment, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., MGM, Miramax, and other companies for titles including The Three Stooges, The Land That Time Forgot, The Pink Panther, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Equilibrium, and others, as well as creator-owned property’s such as Neil Vokes’ Eagle, Chris Scalf’s American Mythology Dark, and J.C. Vaughn & Vincent Spencer’s Zombie-Proof. The company’s initial releases are Zombie-Proof: Zombie Zoo, The Three Stooges: The Boys Are Back #1, Stargate Atlantis: Back To Pegasus #1, and The Pink Panther #1 Free Comic Book Day 2016 Edition.