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Buckingham Palace

Palace unveils collectibles commemorating new royal baby

Buckingham Palace
Selection of items honoring the birth of the new royal baby, son of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Courtesy of The Royal Collection

LONDON – Buckingham Palace has commissioned an exclusive range of collectibles to celebrate the birth of the new royal baby, the third child and second son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, born on Monday, April 23, 2018.

The design appearing on many items in the range includes the lion and unicorn, the heraldic supporters of the coat of arms, surmounted by the coronet of The Duke and Duchess. A pattern of gold ribbons and decorative pompoms completes the unique design.

Buckingham Palace
Image courtesy of The Royal Collection

Examples from the new offering include a tankard, pillbox, plate, teddy bear, and several figural pram or Christmas tree decorations with a royal motif.

All of the goods in the new range may be purchased from The Royal Collection. Worldwide shipping is available.

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