Punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone’s iconic stage-worn jacket headed to auction, June 22

Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone photo courtesy of Ian Harper, provided by RR Auction

BOSTON – Punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone’s (1951-2002) iconic stage-worn leather jacket, a cherished symbol of punk rock history, will be sold at RR Auction on June 22. Worn by the legendary Ramones bassist during his electrifying performances, the jacket stands as a testament to the rebellious spirit that defined the era and the band’s revolutionary sound.

Having acquired the jacket in 1985, Dee Dee Ramone swiftly transformed it into his battle armor for Ramones concerts. From the explosive chords of “Blitzkrieg Bop” to the frenzied energy of “I Wanna Be Sedated,” this iconic garment bore witness to the Ramones’ groundbreaking sonic assaults. After Dee Dee’s final show in July 1989, the jacket found its place among the band’s treasured touring wardrobe, awaiting its next chapter.

Enter CJ Ramone, the successor to Dee Dee’s bassist throne and a devoted torchbearer of the Ramones’ legacy. Embracing his role with unmatched fervor, CJ took on the mantle of the leather jacket. As he graced the stage for his inaugural Ramones live performance, it was evident that a new era in punk rock history was unfolding. Tour after tour, CJ channeled the essence of the Ramones through this hallowed artifact, encapsulating the raw power and frenetic spirit that defined the band’s unparalleled musical legacy.

This historic leather jacket, adorned with the autographs of both Dee Dee and CJ, serves as a testament to the punk rock ethos. Its snap-down lapels, shoulder epaulets, zippered sleeve cuffs, and side pockets exude a sense of defiance, while the U.S. Air Force cap insignia on the right lapel and U.S. Army captain rank pins on the epaulets, added by CJ Ramone himself, elevate this artifact to an emblem of punk rock rebellion.

Andrew D. Gore, the consignor of this remarkable piece, acquired the jacket directly from CJ Ramone upon the band’s retirement, further enriching its storied history.

In addition to the iconic Ramones leather jacket, the Marvels of Modern Music auction boasts a myriad of extraordinary items that will quicken the pulse of punk rock enthusiasts. Among the nearly 50 Ramones lots, one can find Johnny Ramone’s signed and rehearsal-used blue Mosrite electric guitar, a testament to his distinctive sound and style.

Furthermore, the auction presents a 36-foot-long Arturo Vega hand-painted stage backdrop from the Adios Amigos Tour, a breathtaking piece that adorned countless Ramones performances, serving as the visual backdrop to their punk rock anthems.

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