Scrapbook of Queen Victoria memorabilia on sale in Berlin

Queen Victoria

Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Empress of India (1819-1901)

BERLIN (AP) – A scrapbook of items collected by Queen Victoria’s longtime German-born governess, including lockets of the regent’s hair and memorabilia from her wedding, is being auctioned in Berlin.

The 20-page leather-bound book also contains paintings and drawings by Victoria, letters and other items that offer a glimpse into the early private life of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. The items were gathered by Baroness Louise Lehzen, who served as governess and adviser for nearly two decades starting when Victoria was five.

“What we have here shows great friendship and motherly love,” Stefan Koerner of the Grisebach auction house said Wednesday. “It is a deep look at a very, very close relationship.”

The scrapbook, being auctioned Thursday with a starting price of 30,000 euros ($35,664), was in Lehzen’s family until first sold in 1999.


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