Anish Kapoor sues NRA over video use of ‘The Bean’

Anish Kapoor

Sir Anish Kapoor’s ‘The Cloud Gate’ copyrighted sculpture, aka ‘The Bean,’ in Millennium Park, Chicago. Fair use of low-resolution image, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 style license

CHICAGO (AP) – The British artist behind Chicago’s famous bean-shape sculpture has filed a federal lawsuit accusing the National Rifle Association of copyright infringement by using an image of his work in a video advertisement last year.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Sir Anish Kapoor’s lawsuit is seeking the removal of The Cloud Gate‘s image from the video and damages for copyright infringement.

A news release says Kapoor first criticized the NRA’s use of the sculpture commonly known in Chicago as ‘The Bean’ in a March statement issued alongside the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety.

Kapoor says his sculpture has been “appropriated by the NRA to perpetuate its hateful ideology.”

The NRA didn’t immediately respond to the newspaper’s request for comment. The organization has previously said that “The Clenched Fist of Truth” video aims to prevent violence.


Information from: Chicago Tribune,

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