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Picasso stolen

Original Picasso print stolen from Milwaukee art gallery


Picasso stolen
Have you seen this Picasso print? If so, DeLind Fine Art Appraisals in Milwaukee would appreciate hearing from you. The artwork was stolen from the gallery in broad daylight. Image: DeLind Fine Art Appraisals Ltd.

MILWAUKEE (AP) – An original Pablo Picasso print worth up to an estimated $50,000 has been reported stolen from a downtown Milwaukee art gallery.

Michael Goforth, a partner of DeLind Fine Art Appraisals, told Auction Central News he noticed on Friday that the original 1949 print was missing from the company’s gallery. “I discovered the Picasso missing as I was leaving the office and immediately alerted authorities,” Goforth said.

Picasso created only 30 of the prints and signed each with a green crayon in the lower right corner.

Goforth’s business partner, William DeLind, said someone could have walked in the unlocked door unnoticed because he and Goforth were upstairs. The gallery does not have surveillance cameras. DeLind said he hopes a camera across the street captured the thief.

DeLind notified other art appraisers, as well as museums and art galleries around the country, asking that they contact him, should the print turn up.

Milwaukee police confirmed that a report was filed for the stolen artwork.

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Picasso stolen