Rioters loot, smash antiquities in Egypt’s Malawi National Museum

MINYA, Egypt (ACNI) – The ongoing civil unrest in Egypt has taken another ugly turn. The world-famous collection of the Malawi National Museum in Egypt lie in ruins after vandals broke in, ransacked priceless objects and left other antiquities smashed and stewn on the institution’s floor.

Glass showcases were shattered, their contents grabbed or destroyed. Larger objects, including a gilt-face sarcophagus, were toppled over and damaged. A list of missing objects has been compiled for authorities in hopes of preventing smugglers from making off with any of the loot.

A statement from the Ministry of Antiquities says the break-in occurred on Thursday evening and blames Muslim Brotherhood supporters for the crimes.

Minister of State of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim commented, “It is a great loss, and I am really saddened by what has happened to such a museum.”

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