Wildlife advocates want ban on ivory, rhino horn sales in Mass.

Examples of beads, bangles, powder, shavings and disks made in South Africa from illicitly obtained rhino horn. All of the items come from recent seizures. Image courtesy of Wildlife Justice Commission


BOSTON (AP) – Wildlife advocates are pushing legislation on Beacon Hill intended to end the sale of ivory and rhino horns in Massachusetts.

The bill would crack down on the sale of ivory and rhino horn items, with limited exemptions like ivory attached to a musical instrument or an antique.

The push comes after a Chinese national was arraigned in federal court in Boston in July on charges he led a conspiracy to illegally smuggle $700,000 worth of goods made from banned rhinoceros horn, elephant ivory and coral.

Guan Zong Chen pleaded not guilty.

The indictment alleges Chen bought the artifacts at auction houses and conspired with an unidentified Chinese national to pick up the items and mail some to a shipping business in Concord, Massachusetts, which repackaged and falsely labeled them.

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