Lightner Museum spotlights semi-abstract artist Anna Miller

Anna Miller, ‘Tropical,’ part of the exhibit Inner Light: In a Time of Pandemic

Anna Miller, ‘Tropical,’ part of the exhibit Inner Light: In a Time of Pandemic

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.  Opening on July 2 at the Lightner Museum, Anna Miller’s Inner Light: In a Time of Pandemic celebrates the human spirit through abstraction. Filled with bright colors and energized forms, Miller’s paintings represent an exploration of the artist’s personal development in the midst of struggle. The exhibition will run from July 2-August 13.

Inspired by the natural beauty of St. Johns County, the works in the Inner Light exhibit interpret these surroundings through the poetic and metaphorical expression of semi-abstract imagery. Sub-tropical flowers and plants, stormy skies, and the drama and power of the ocean and the sun inform the artist’s visual language consisting of geometric shapes, refracted light patterns, and dynamic lines.

“In my work, I explore rhythm, movement, and composition in order to express feelings,” Miller said. “The process is very similar to instrumental music composition, where the sounds of different instruments or groups of instruments, represent different emotions.”

Inner Light: In a Time of Pandemic is the second exhibition in the museum’s 2021 Lightner Local series. Created to showcase the extraordinary talents of artists who live in the Northeast and Central Florida regions, Lightner Local is supported by the Benjamin and Jean Troemel Arts Foundation.

The exhibition opening for Inner Light: In a Time of Pandemic will take place on Friday, July 2 from 5 pm-7 pm during St. Augustine’s First Friday Art Walk.

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