Lucian Freud’s Pricey Produce, Bowie’s Tintoretto Reveals a Surprise, and More Fresh News

Lucian Freud (British, 1922-2011), Strawberries, oil on copper, 4 x 4.7in., painted circa 1950. Image courtesy of Sotheby’s


News and updates from around the arts and auction community:

  • So you think the price of fresh fruit has gone up at the supermarket? Consider this: A small (4 x 4.7in.) group of luscious strawberries, painted by Lucian Freud around 1950, at the height of his fascination with the still-life paintings of the Old Masters, recently sold at Sotheby’s for $1,568,000, or $156,800 per strawberry [Read more at Sotheby’s]
  • For 30 years, David Bowie cherished his altarpiece by Jacopo Tintoretto, even naming his record label after the Venetian painter. But little did Bowie know that beneath the layers of oil was an underdrawing that suggests the work was created earlier than previously thought. [Read more from The Art Newspaper]
  • A memorable scene from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride is getting a makeover. The company announced on Thursday that they are replacing the auction scene in which women are sold off as brides with an auction for plundered goods. The sign reading “AUCTION” and “Take a wench for a bride” will soon feature the words: “AUCTION” and “SURRENDER YER LOOT.” [Read more from Huffington Post]
  • Which celebrity consigned a sensational Hermes 18K solid gold brooch in the shape of a lion cub with large emerald eyes to a Saturday, July 1 auction? Whoever it is, they have highly refined taste and are considered a highly valued customer by the French luxury goods design house, since the brooch bears the Hermes marks used only on commissioned pieces for VIPs. [Read more from]


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