Indianapolis contemporary arts nonprofit folds amid pandemic


Downtown Indianapolis skyline. Image by Indy16, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – An Indianapolis nonprofit dedicated to boosting contemporary arts has folded after nearly two decades, citing the coronavirus pandemic as the final straw for the group.

Indianapolis Contemporary announced Thursday that it was calling it quits after an internal review “determined it was not economically feasible to continue operations,” the Indianapolis Business Journal reported.

The nonprofit had weathered numerous challenges since its founding in 2001, but the COVID-19 pandemic was the final straw, said Board President Casey Cronin. He said the pandemic was “certain to exacerbate economic hardships and reduce exhibition opportunities.”

“We have concluded our operations are not sustainable. We are not alone as other arts institutions struggle in this crisis,” Cronin said in a statement.

The group was known as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art until May 2019, when it was renamed Indianapolis Contemporary and began operating as a more nomadic organization, exhibiting artwork and staging related programs in the city without maintaining its own dedicated space.


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