Chair weavers and caners to meet in Michigan

Image courtesy of the SeatWeavers' Guild

Image courtesy of the SeatWeavers’ Guild

SCOTTS, Mich. – The third annual gathering and meeting of the SeatWeavers’ Guild will be held July 30-Aug. 1, 2010 at Tillers International in Scotts, Michigan. Tillers International is a non-profit organization dedicated to international rural development and specializing in farming with oxen. At the Tillers International Cook’s Mill Learning Center, classes are offered in various farming techniques, as well as blacksmithing and metal work, timber framing, woodworking, cheesemaking, and other farm-related artisanal skills.

Within the agricultural setting, members of the SeatWeavers’ Guild will learn about the ancient chair-caning craft. The workshop titled “Seating with a Twist” will demonstrate such rare chair seat weaving techniques as Danish cord, hand-twisted corn shucks, cattail leaf rush and bulrush; and more

An exhibit of caned and woven chair seats will be open to the public throughout the weekend, but the actual “gathering and meeting” will be for current guild members only. A separate annual membership meeting will be at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 31.

Membership applications and reservations for the special event will be accepted through July 7. View complete details at the official site of the SeatWeavers’ Guild,

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