Palm Beach Show boasts $1.5M COVID-19 mask

COVID-19 diamond mask

The Yvel diamond mask will be on display at the 2021 Palm Beach Show from Feb. 11-16. Palm Beach Show Group image

PALM BEACH, Fla. – The 2021 Palm Beach Show is set to return Feb. 11-16 to the Palm Beach County Convention Center over Presidents’ Day weekend. The Palm Beach Show remains the area’s only high-end jewelry, art and antique showcase offering items spanning every genre, featuring collections from renowned exhibitors.

The Palm Beach Show is proud to welcome back famed jeweler Yvel to the impressive list of exhibitors showcasing at this year’s fair. Yvel, the Israeli luxury jewelry brand most recognized for its work with rare, organic pearls, has designed a fully functional $1.5 million mask. Designed by Isaac Levy, the founder and owner of Yvel, the mask is made of 250 grams of pure 18K gold and is set with 3,608 natural black and white diamonds, with a total weight of about 210 carats – making it the most expensive mask in the world. The mask, designed to be wearable, features a slot to insert a disposable N-99 mask, which provides protection from COVID-19.

The mask was commissioned by a Los Angeles-based businessman. As a keen art collector, he has been a Yvel customer for many years and placed his initial order as an act to help support Israeli industry as well as Yvel’s 150 employees in Israel and the United States during the pandemic. The order required an intensive production process resulting in a mask that is a one-of-a-kind work of art and at the same time compliant to safety regulations.

When we were first challenged to create a mask of this magnitude, we were energized by the opportunity and our team came together to create something truly unique and special, and yet – functional. Unlike any project we have done before, this order involved not only beautiful jewels but also a protective element,” said Isaac Levy, owner and co-founder of Yvel.

When the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated globally in the spring, Levy came to the U.S. to meet with long-term customers and friends to see if they would place orders so he could keep his production center open and employees working. The Los Angeles businessman, who has asked to remain anonymous, delivered the most compelling assignment.

The Yvel diamond mask will be on display at the 2021 Palm Beach Show from Feb. 11-16. Online: