Swank Decor at Bowling Alleys, Lighthouses for Sale, and More Fresh News

Bowlmor Times Square’s Central Park Bowling Suite. Image courtesy of Bowlmore AMF

News and updates from around the arts and auction community:

  • Bowling alleys aren’t the sweat-filled, neon-lit hangouts they used to be. They’ve gone way upmarket, with modern, stylish decor and amenities you’d expect in a five-star ski lodge. Bowlmor AMF, which operates 295 locations in the U.S., 7 in Mexico and 2 in Canada, is offering a free game on Saturday to anyone who downloads their new ‘Bowlmojis.’ [Read more from Bowlero.com]
  • You can usually get a nice used car or at least six months of urban rent for $15,000. Now with that sum, you can buy your very own little concrete island — with a view. The US government is auctioning six out-of-commission lighthouses, with an asking price of around $15K. [Read more from CNN]
  • It’s back. Tupac Shakur’s modified Hummer H1 is being auctioned in Boston next week. If this story sounds familiar, maybe it’s because the same vehicle was auctioned last year for $337,144. For whatever reason, the late rapper’s fully loaded power truck is back on the market. [Read more from TheDrive.com]
  • Angelina Jolie is working on her homemaking skills in an 11,000-square-foot Los Angeles mansion built by legendary film producer Cecil B. DeMille. The actress and her six children recently moved into the estate, which might need the help of an interior designer. As Jolie told a reporter, decorating “was always Brad’s thing” — referring to husband Brad Pitt, from whom she is separated. [Read more from Architectural Digest]


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