Auction Central News first in line to run Kovels column as it goes digital

NEW YORK – In an ongoing effort to deliver top-quality news and information to its readers, Auction Central News will introduce the digitally syndicated version of Kovels: Antiques & Collecting sometime within the next few weeks. ACN is the first antiques-related online newspaper to receive approval from Hearst/King Features Syndicate and Kovels to carry the popular newspaper column in digital format.

Kovels: Antiques & Collecting was a trailblazer when launched in 1954 by Terry Kovel and her late husband and business partner Ralph Kovel. Written in Q & A format, the authoritative monthly feature covers a broad range of topics, with carefully researched prices and images.

“The Kovels column is a classic that has always garnered utmost respect within the antiques trade,” said Auction Central News’ editor-in-chief, Catherine Saunders-Watson. “The fact that it still runs in more than 150 print newspapers and has remained so vibrant and informative after more than half a century makes it completely unique within its space. We’re thrilled that it will be running as a regular feature on Auction Central News.”

ACN’s readers will be invited to submit questions to Terry Kovel through the column.