LiveAuctioneers adds advanced analytics to bidder-approval process

NEW YORK (LAPRS) – In its ongoing mission to provide auction houses with the most dependable method of pre-screening potential online bidders, has added comprehensive bidder analytics to its existing approval process. The new data suite provides aggregated information and statistics culled from several sources to create the most reliable bidder profile currently available anywhere in the Internet-auction sector.

Auction houses using LiveAuctioneers for their Internet live-bidding services may now view the following amalgamated information for any potential bidder via the company’s back-end bidder analytics:

• How long the person has been a registered member of LiveAuctioneers

• How many past auctions they have signed up for

• How many bids they have placed through LiveAuctioneers in previous auctions

• How many searches and catalog items they have saved, indicating how involved they have been on an ongoing basis

• An Experian bar chart that rates how closely the personal information entered by the potential bidder, e.g., name, address, telephone number, etc., matches up with data held in the credit bureau’s records. (Note: It is not a credit check.)

In tandem with the introduction of LiveAuctioneers’ bidder analytics, the company has added several other new features to the back-end dashboard. Now auctioneers can click on an icon to designate a person as being a “regular” or “blocked” bidder, and to view their LinkedIn or Facebook profile if the member has opted to add those links during the sign-up process.

Also, auctioneers now have the ability to view the number of potential bidders whose approval is currently “pending,” as well as a list of bidders categorized according to status: pending, approved, declined or suspended. Another useful feature tells auctioneers how many bids have been placed so far in an upcoming sale.

“We are confident that auction houses who use LiveAuctioneers’ services for their Internet live bidding now have available to them the world’s most advanced and accurate method of pre-screening online bidders,” said LiveAuctioneers CEO Julian R. Ellison. “With the addition of bidder analytics, auctioneers now have unprecedented access to each and every potential bidder’s online history and other information that is appropriate and germane to the approval process.”

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