LiveAuctioneers Seller Success Optimization (LASSO Program)

Best practices and tips for growing your sales online

Installing Your Auctioneer Badge

Promote your upcoming online auction.

Auctioneer badges are images you can use to promote your upcoming auctions on LiveAuctioneers through your website, email signature and other digital materials.  Clicking on these badges will send visitors directly to your free, custom online bidding link on LiveAuctioneers where they can easily bid online and through their mobile devices.


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Bid version: Simple version:
Download the .eps version Download the .eps version

Adding your badge to your website

Add LiveAuctioneers custom online bidding to your website so bidders can easily bid online and from mobile devices.  To add a badge to your website, use the embeddable HTML sample code below:

<a href="CustomOnlineBiddingLink"><img src="BadgeImageURL" width="400" border="0" target="_blank"></a>

Step 1. Replace CustomOnlineBiddingLink with the full link to your auctioneer page on LiveAuctioneers.  


Your auctioneer page url can be found in the Link To Your Online Catalogs section on the Home tab of your seller dashboard.

Step 2.
Replace BadgeImageURL with the full link to the badge image you’d like to use:


Step 3.
Update width with the desired value (up to 400 pixels wide).

Step 4.
Add the snippet to your website HTML code.

Adding your badge to your email signature

Instructions for customizing your email signature vary by email client.  Here are the most popular providers: