Perfume Bottles Auction

Perfume Bottles Auction
Director Ken Leach

1050 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10022
United States

The Perfume Bottles Auction, organized by renowned perfume bottle specialist Ken Leach, is unique as the only auction service worldwide currently specializing in perfume bottles and related vanity items.

It is the official auction of the International Perfume Bottle Association, and the highlight event of the annual IPBA convention weekend, attended by hundreds of collectors from around the world. For many perfume bottle collectors, buying from this treasure trove is their “splurge” of the year, and precisely what makes the Perfume Bottles Auction the most important venue for anyone to buy or sell their most significant bottles.

A pioneer in perfume bottle collecting, Ken Leach has set world records while directing auctions in four countries, most notably a single item result of $216,000. He offers a proven track record of four decades of reliable service to the worlds’ foremost collectors and institutions, and an international mailing list of over one thousand active bottle collectors.

When you decide to part with a perfume treasure, we offer you a straightforward, uncomplicated way to sell your item, working with you on a personal basis to ensure the selling experience is tailored to your needs. We offer a confidential, no obligation consultation. Appointments are scheduled weekly in which property is accepted for the auction, both through consignment or outright purchase.

Contact the Perfume Bottles Auction with any question regarding buying, selling, identifying, caring for your bottles, or insurance valuation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Speak to Ken Leach immediately for information regarding this exclusive event:
telephone: 800-942-0550 or e-mail:

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Perfume Bottles Auction


1050 2nd Ave #47
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