Jasper52 to offer strong lineup of paintings at Sept. 15 auction

Kelli Folsom, ‘Still Life: Jug, Fruits and Flowers,’ est. $600-$1,000

Kelli Folsom, ‘Still Life: Jug, Fruits and Flowers,’ est. $600-$1,000

NEW YORK – The world has expanded to embrace many more varieties of art media, but oils and watercolors retain their allure. Though the two time-tested art formats might not be as dominant as they once were, contemporary artists still routinely mix their palettes, prepare their canvases, and pick up their brushes to create scenes and images in the same way that artists did decades and centuries before.

On Wednesday, September 15, starting at 6 pm Eastern time, Jasper52 will stage an auction of Original Oil & Watercolor Paintings, consisting of 108 lots. Absentee and Internet live bidding will be available through LiveAuctioneers.

First among the highlights is an unsigned, undated acrylic-on-canvas abstract work. It measures 60in by 60in and calls to mind an overcast day, or blooms of white and gray steam and smoke obscuring an urban vista. It is punctuated by a cloud-like patch of pink, placed just off-center. The abstract acrylic painting carries an estimate of $4,800-$6,000.

Untitled, unsigned acrylic-on-canvas abstract, est. $4,800-$6,000

Untitled, unsigned acrylic-on-canvas abstract, est. $4,800-$6,000

Another worthy lot is credited to an artist who goes by a single name: Golda. Dubbed Untitled: Abstract, the signed, undated work in acrylic measures 60in by 60in and takes the mind to several places – images of crumpled paper and bird’s-eye views of snow-crowned mountain peaks. Untitled: Abstract by Golda is estimated at $4,800-$5,800.

 Golda, ‘Untitled: Abstract,’ est.$4,800-$5,800

Golda, ‘Untitled: Abstract,’ est. $4,800-$5,800

Also of note is Still Life: Jug, Fruits and Flowers, an undated oil on panel by Kelli Folsom, one of four by her that appear in the September 15 Jasper52 auction lineup. Folsom is a dedicated practitioner with an unapologetically old-school approach that is clearly influenced by Impressionism and Dutch Old Master paintings. While her works are realistic, her brushstrokes are clearly and proudly visible, underlining the fact that she works with a brush, not a lens or a digital editing system.

Still Life: Jug, Fruits and Flowers provides a fine and fair representation of her style. It features exactly what the title lists–grapes, peaches, red and blue blossoms, and a squat jug rendered in warm, creamy shades of beige. The work is relatively small, measuring 8in by 10in, and it carries an estimate of $600-$1,000.


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