Asia Week New York announces 2019 show roster

NEW YORK – The Asia Week New York Association announces that 48 international galleries and six auction houses will participate in the 10th anniversary edition of Asia Week New York 2019, the 10-day celebration of Asian art and culture that spans the metropolitan region from March 13 through 23, 2019.

“On the occasion of this 10-year milestone, we are pleased to announce the outstanding roster of international specialists,” says Christina Prescott-Walker, chairman of Asia Week New York. “The breathtaking range of their expertise and offerings always impresses even the most seasoned patrons, which include collectors, curators, designers and world-renowned tastemakers.”

According to Prescott-Walker, Asia Week New York, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, will honor 10 prominent individuals in recognition of their contribution to the Asian art field.

Asia Week New York welcomes seven new dealers into the fold including: M.D. Flacks (England), Cora Ginsburg (United States), Hara Shobo (Japan), Ink Studio (China), Simon Lee Gallery (United States), Mika Gallery (United States) and SEIZAN Gallery New York (United States). They will join the following galleries:

Asia Week

A rare and distinguished image of Avalokiteshvara. China, c. 18th century, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi style
. 15 1/2 cm. Courtesy of Kapoor Galleries

Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art

• Walter Arader (United States)
• Art Passages (United States)
• Prahlad Bubbar (England)
• Buddhist Art (Germany)
• Carlo Cristi –Asian Arts Company (Italy)
• Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd (England)
• Francesca Galloway (England)
• Galerie Hioco (France)
• Kapoor Galleries (United States)
• Navin Kumar Gallery (United States)
• Susan Ollemans (England)
• Alexis Renard Indian & Islamic Art (France)
• Runjeet Singh Limited (England)

Asia Week

A painting of a meiren (beautiful woman), by Mei Chengying, China, 18th/19th century. Ink and colors on silk, 25 x 13 in. (64 x 32 cm). Courtesy of Alan Kennedy

Ancient and/or Contemporary Chinese Art

• Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc. (United States)
• Cohen and Cohen (England)
• Findlay Galleries (United States)
• Nicholas Grindley (United States)
• Andrew Kahane, Ltd. (United States)
• KAI Gallery (United States)
• Michael C. Hughes LLC (United States)
• Kaikodo LLC (United States)
• Alan Kennedy (United States)
• J.J. Lally & Co. (United States)
• Littleton & Hennessy Asian Art (England)
• M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd. (United States)\
• Priestley & Ferraro (England)
• Zetterquist Galleries (United States)

Asia Week

Ceramics (front to back) by Ogawa Machiko, Tashima Etsuko, Maeda Masahiro and Matsui Kōsei from the upcoming Asia Week New York exhibition, “Vessel Explored / Vessel Transformed: Tomimoto Kenkichi and His Enduring Legacy” at Joan B Mirviss LTD. Photography by Richard Goodbody. Courtesy of Joan B. Mirviss LTD

Ancient and/or Contemporary Japanese Art

• The Art of Japan (United States)
• BachmannEckenstein|JapaneseArt (Switzerland)
• Carole Davenport (United States)
• Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. (United States)
• Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints (United States)
• Joan B. Mirviss, LTD (United States)
• Onishi Gallery (United States)
• Giuseppe Piva (Italy)
• Scholten Japanese Art (United States)
• Erik Thomsen (United States)
• TAI Modern (United States)
• Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art (Japan)

Asia Week

Anonymous, blue and white porcelain brush holder, Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897), 19th century. H 5 3/8 x D 4 7/8 in (13.7 x 12.4 cm). Courtesy of Kang Collection Korean Art

Ancient and Contemporary Korean Art

• Kang Collection Korean Art (United States)
• HK Art & Antiques LLC (United States)

The 2019 edition of Asia Week New York continues to offer a non-stop round of gallery open houses, auctions sales, exhibitions, lectures, symposia and special events. To celebrate the week’s festivities, a private, invitation-only reception, jointly hosted with the Department of Asian Art of The Metropolitan Museum of Art will once again take place in the Museum’s Asian art galleries.

The comprehensive guide with maps will be available at participating galleries, auction houses and cultural institutions, starting February 2019 and online at Emphasizing the strength of interest from Chinese-speaking buyers, a Chinese version of the website is available at

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