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Alan Friedman Jewelry

Alan Friedman Jewelry

Internationally known for his groundbreaking work with natural color diamonds, Alan Friedman is a third generation jeweler whose unique creations have consistently reinforced his reputation as one of the world's most innovative jewelry designers.Alan grew up in the industry working at his family-owned and operated Omaha jewelry store Borsheim's, the largest independent store of its kind in the United States. At 5 he was sweeping the shop floor and by 10 he was clipping on a tie and helping customers. In a few years time, Alan had become a Borsheim's in-house designer and one of the top salesmen.The sale of the store to billionaire Warren Buffet allowed Alan the freedom to put into action a dream that was dear both to him and his late father: to change direction from quantity to quality. Soon after earning his Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA, Alan relocated to California and began creating exceptional jewelry. By the mid '90s, Friedman's designs were available in high-end stores throughout the country. It was during this time that Alan took one of the biggest risks of his career: a seven-figure purchase of natural pink diamonds. The demand for jewelry featuring color diamonds was slim, and in Alan's words, "I knew I had either stumbled onto something huge or I had just lost my shirt. "Friedman's instincts paid off. His natural color diamond jewelry is now in high demand internationally and regularly sets the standard for diamond jewelry designs. Although his work features diamonds of many natural hues, Alan is best known for his first love: pink diamonds. Dubbed "King of Pinks" by the industry, he is regarded as the world authority on these precious stones. Pink diamonds represent less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the world's diamond supply, which on rarity alone makes them highly desirable. Yet to Friedman, their true value lies in their aesthetic appeal. His work has received praise not only from consumers but also from his peers. Among numerous design awards Alan has won the prestigious Spectrum 'Best of show' and Spectrum 'First Place.'Today, Alan Friedman is hard at work creating jewelry referred to by his loyal clientele as modern classics. As enthusiastic as he was when he first started, Alan and his love and appreciation for beautiful jewelry is clearly evident. "Before GIA certs, we sold on beauty. Period. Only beauty sold, and that's a lost art. Selling beauty. Selling excitement."
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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