LiveAuctioneers Seller Success Optimization (LASSO Program)

Best practices and tips for growing your sales online

A fool-proof checklist for representing your brand and items in your next online auction

Fool-proof checklist for representing your brand and items in your next online auction

Millions of bidders regularly visit LiveAuctioneers in search of their next treasure. Follow these 6 simple tips to gain bidders’ trust and make your lots stand out:

  • Be Descriptive

    Thorough descriptions instill bidding confidence and help educate bidders on an item’s bid-worthiness. On LiveAuctioneers, items accompanied by informative descriptions of 70-90 words see a 51.41% higher hammer price than equivalent items with only 10-20 words. Start with an item title that includes the category, origin, creator, style, and/or materials of your item and embellish on them further in your description section. Avoid miscellaneous keywords irrelevant to your item to ensure proper categorization. Detailed descriptions manage bidders’ expectations and directly affect customer satisfaction and repeat-purchase rate.

    Hear it from our bidders:

    “[The auction house] was a pleasure to deal with both before and after the sale, the descriptions and photos were very clear which convinced me to buy the item–and, when I received it, it was was exactly as described… I look forward to additional auction purchases in the future.”

    Detailed descriptions improve customer satisfaction

  • Structure Descriptions in an Easy-to-Read Format

    A clear description format makes complex information easily digestible and conveys a sense of legitimacy. Over the long term, consistent formatting breeds familiarity, and familiarity breeds liking and trust. And it shows. Auction houses ranking in the top 20% by sales revenue are 3 times more likely to have structured information than those in the lowest 20%. Check out how our highest ranking sellers are formatting their descriptions:

    Structure descriptions in an easy-to-read format

  • Present Authentic Documentation

    Include genuine certificates and authenticity reports — professional buyers, antique experts and collectors on LiveAuctioneers are well familiar with reputable appraisers and authenticators. Presenting false or ambiguous documentation not only loses the trust of valuable, experienced bidders, but also discourages new customers from participating in your future auctions.

    Hear it from our bidders:

    “The appraisal information provided about my purchase was highly inflated and did not represent the true quality and value. While I will use LiveAuctioneers again, I will never buy from [this auction house] again.”

    Present authentic documentation

  • The More Photos, the Better

    The more quality images you can provide, the more confidence bidders will have in bidding with you. To stay ahead of the game, take a look below at the average number of photos listed by item category – listing just one or two more images for your items will immediately set your inventory apart:

    Hear it from our bidders:

    “More pictures of the items would be helpful in evaluating which lots to bid on. When there are only 1 or 2 images, I think the auction house is trying to hide something.”

    The more photos, the better

  • Showcase Your Item From Various Angles

    Set bidders’ expectations by including photos taken from multiple angles – front, back, sides, top and bottom – and use close-up shots to highlight fine details like texture, patina, and craftsmanship. Close-up shots of any imperfections or areas that are worn or damaged will also help bidders bid with confidence.

    Showcase your item from different angles

  • Include clear and crisp pictures

    Bidders respond best to photos that are in focus (avoid blurry images) and shot in well-lit environments (natural lighting is best) against white backgrounds. Square image proportions help your photos shine across web, mobile and email platforms. High quality photos reflect professionalism and trustworthiness, and encourage bidders to feel confident in bidding.

    Include clear and crisp pictures

At LiveAuctioneers, it all starts with trust. Be honest with your bidders, and they will reward you with repeat purchases and higher hammer prices.

To obtain a handy checklist for listing items in your next online auction, click here.

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