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APOLONIA ANCIENT ART GALLERY If you think all dealers are the same - think again! Apolonia Ancient Art offers high quality ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, and Pre-Columbian works of art that in most cases have no restoration and/or repair! We also have a life time authenticity guarantee, and we stand behind our pieces relative to date, culture, and condition. Kevin R. Cheek is the president and owner of Apolonia Ancient Art Gallery, and has been in the business of selling antiquities and ancient art/coins since 1983. Apolonia Ancient Art specializes in high quality ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Asian, and Pre-Columbian works of art. Apolonia Ancient Art also offers a selection of exceptional ancient Greek and Roman coins, and we have participated in many art/coin shows in the past. Apolonia Ancient Art is well known in the trade for offering high quality objects and coins. Apolonia Ancient Art has worked with many of the market leaders in the US and Europe. Apolonia Ancient Art has a global presence and reach, and this is apparent with the rare and superb quality objects that we offer. Whether you are a neophyte or an advanced collector, we are happy to work with you in starting a collection or finding what you are looking for. We also offer an "Invoice/Bill of Sale", along with an "Authenticity Certificate (COA)" that includes a full description, the condition, and the known provenance for each object. In addition, the "Authenticity Certificate (COA)" may include additional information such as market comparables, as we have a very extensive library. The research of market comparables is a service that very few people can offer, and this information is seen relative to many of the pieces that we offer on our web site. This knowledge and experience is also seen relative to our published book: "INTO THE ANTIQUITIES TRADE" by Kevin R. Cheek. This book is a valuable resource for both the neophyte and the advanced collector, and there is additional information relative to buying and collecting ancient works of art. Apolonia Ancient Art is also aware of the myriad of cultural patrimony laws and import restrictions, and every object represented and owned by Apolonia Ancient Art has been legally acquired, and some objects are noted with additional documentation. This additional documentation may include copies of invoices, EU Export Certificates, US Customs documents, prior owner affidavits, Bills of Sale, TL tests, etc. Apolonia Ancient Art also holds a US Customs Bond, and all of our importations are cleared with our customs brokers. Apolonia Ancient Art also works with the Art Loss Register based in London, and many pieces offered on our web site have been cleared with their data base. Apolonia Ancient Art has also worked with the FBI, Interpol, and US Customs relative to stolen works of art. Apolonia Ancient Art also provides appraisal services and the TL testing of ancient ceramics, as well as professional restoration services, and the mounting and framing of objects. We also offer custom cases for the preservation and showing of ancient objects and coins. Feel free to browse our auctions and contact us at anytime with whatever questions you may have: apoloniaco@aol.com. We are here to help, and we are firm believers that there is no better preserver of ancient art than the private collector!
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