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Coins are in many ways one of the most popular collectibles. The practice of collecting coins not only helps to appreciate precious metals but also provides information about history, trade and general economic activity. Collectors around the world get fascinated by these pieces of history due to their beauty and unique design. The earliest coins were struck by Lydians in Asia Minor around 600-700 B.C. Shortly after its introduction, coinage was adopted by the Greeks and Athens who then became the largest center of coin producers until the Classical period. In the late 4th century B.C, Roman coins started to be minted for centuries, thus they are amongst the most famous coins in the world. The first well-known coin collector was likely Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar who used to give gold ancient coins as gifts to his friends. During the Renaissance, collecting coins became known as king's hobby as it was a common practice among members of upper-class society, especially kings and queens.