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Filthy Gorgeous

Filthy Gorgeous Media's brand bridges a vintage erotica vibe with a contemporary artistic perspective. A sexually disruptive erotic webzine site. The Filthy Gorgeous website is an ever-evolving testament to all things erotic, artistic, sensual, beautiful, daring, and bold. The legacy of iconic media moguls, with their spectacular successes and public downfalls, has inspired and been the catalyst for the creation of Filthy Gorgeous Media. The volatile journeys of these icons have tended to obscure the visionary aspects of these people. Perceptions of the human body and all its beauty by the erotic artists of the 20th century was visionary. From publishing and journalism to futurism, fine arts, and photography, their impact is still felt. The showmanship with which they promoted throughout their public careers resulted in a publishing heritage that still informs our culture every day. As with all renaissance men and women, their genius is felt long after they are gone, in ways that often, they would never have anticipated. These artists helped to transform the mainstream perception of eroticism and progressive journalism. Many have paved the way for the cultural shift of the second part of the sexual revolution that began after the Kinsey Report. This report was responsible for advancing the public conversation about the First Amendment. Without these iconic individuals, there would be no “Victoria’s Secret” or “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” The daring of Tinto Brass of the epic film “Caligula,” starring Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, earned him the derision of critics and the industry at the time of its release. Today, the movie is an acknowledged barrier-breaker, spawning great television series, such a “Spartacus” and “Black Sails.” Filthy Gorgeous will show you things that will delight and surprise you, and perhaps even infuriate you. There is original content in the spirit of the great erotic empires: commentary, news, and art, but also cerebral, forward-facing perspectives of the intellects that define them. “All that is filthy is now gorgeous. All that is gorgeous is now filthy.” –Jeremy Frommer, Jan. 2014
202 S. Dean St.
Englewood, NJ 07631
United States
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