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News about Velvet


Velvet is a sleek, luxurious soft material with a beautiful drape and a shiny finish. It is characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut short fibers that catch the light in various ways, giving it a luster. Nowadays, velvet is made of a mix of synthetic fibers, whereas it was initially made from pure silk in the past. The origin of the fabric has been associated with ancient cultures of China, Iraq, Egypt and the Middle East. There are a variety of different grains of velvet depending on the texture of them, including silk velvet, crushed velvet, velvet microfiber, panty velvet, stretched velvet, cut velvet, plush velvet and Velveteen, to name a few. Velvet is believed to have originated in China, with the earliest example dating to the 12th century. However, European nobility made velvet recognized across the globe as a luxury good befitting royalty. Italy was the very first European country to manufacture it from the 12th to 18th centuries. Back then, velvet was accessible only to upper classes and royalty as a symbol of social status. Nowadays, velvet is accessible to everyone and it can be used in luxury items like fashion<