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Marshalltown, IA, United States
DoneWed, Mar 22, 2006 3:00 PM GMT

Aladdins & Lamps Auction

G-50 Powder Dish in Etched White Moonstone; Frosted with Clear Double Nudes; G-81 Velvex with old fluted shade and original wreath finial; Alacite: G-375 Electric Dancing Ladies Urn; Metal: #1 Nickel with embossed foot complete with original flame spreader; Brass No. 1 Mantle Lamp Co.; #6 Brass; #7 Brass; #8 Brass; #9 Brass; #12 Brass; 2 of #12 Nickel; Crystal Vase Lamps (Large Size): #1240 Variegated Verde; #1243 Green Venetian Art-Craft; Crystal Vase Lamps (Small Size 10 1/4”): #1230A Green Alpha; 1231U Pale Yellow; 1244 Blue; 3 of 1245 Peach (Tan); #1246 Orange; #1247 Red; Florentine Vase Lamps 8 1/2” T; Venetian: #100 White; #101 Green; #102 Peach; #103 Rose; A-99 1 piece clear; Colonial: #104 Clear with 701 Shade; #105 Green; #106 Amber; Cathedral: #107 Clear; #108 Green; #109 Amber; #110 White Moonstone; 2 of #111 Green Moonstone, 1 with Shade; #112 Rose Moonstone with Pink Cased Draped Shade; Corinthian: # B-100 Clear Crystal with white marble connector; B-101 Amber Crystal; 2 of B-102 Green Crystal; B-104 Clear Black Foot; B-105 Clear Font on Green Foot; 2 of B-106 Clear Font on Amber Foot; B-111 Green Moonstone; B–114 White Moonstone; B-115 Jade Green Moonstone; B-116 Rose Moonstone; B-124 White Font on Black Foot; B-125 White Moonstone Font on Green Foot; B-126 White Moonstone Font on Rose Moonstone Foot with white metal connector; Majestic: B-120 White Moonstone on Bronze; B-121 Rose Moonstone on Brass; B-122 Green Moonstone on Silver; Orientale: B-130 Ivory; B-131– Green; 2 of B-134 Bronze (1 highly polished); Beehive: B-80 Clear Crystal; B-81 Green Crystal; B-82L Amber Light Crystal; B-83 Ruby Light Crystal (burst bubble on the side); Quilt: B-85 White Moonstone w/ white metal connector; B-86 Green Moonstone w/ brass connector; B-90 White Moonstone Font on Black Moonstone Foot w/ brass connector; B-91 White Moonstone Font on Rose Moonstone Foot w/ white metal connector; Queen: B-95 White Moonstone; B-97 White Moonstone on Silver Base; B-98 Rose Moonstone with oxidized bronze base; Treasure: B-136 Chromium; Vertique: B-87 Rose Moonstone with Floral Painted Shade; B-92 Green Moonstone (base chip); B-93 White Moonstone; Washington Drape (Round Base): B-39 Clear Crystal; B-40 Green Crystal; B-41 Amber; Short Lincoln Drape: B-60 Alacite; B-62 Ruby Crystal; Tall Lincoln Drape: B-75 Alacite Pre War scallop base; 5 of B-75 Alacite Post War, 1 with old shade, 1 with new shade; 2 of B-76 Cobalt, 1 with scalloped base; B-77 Ruby; Washington Drape (Filigree Stem): B-50 Clear Crystal; B-51 Green Crystal; B-52 Amber; Washington Drape (Bell Stem): B-47 Clear Crystal; B-48 Green Crystal; B-49 Amber Crystal; Washington Drape (Plain Stem): B-53 Clear Crystal; B-53X Clear Crystal, no oil fill; B-54 Green Crystal; B-54E Emerald Green Crystal; 2 of B-55 Amber Crystal; B-55 Orange-Amber; Victoria: Ceramic B-25 with oil fill; Simplicity: B-26 Alacite Decalmania; B-27 Alacite, gold luster; B76A Alacite Plain; B-28 Rose with paper shade; B-29 Green; B-30 White; Floor Lamps: 9 Floor Lamps, several repainted; several unidentified; 1250 or 1251 Floor Lamp with Paper Shade; Model 23 Short Lincoln Drapes (New): Amber (Tall Lincoln Drape); Clear (Tall Lincoln Drape); 1995 Pink & Clear (Short Lincoln Drape); 1999 Green (Short Lincoln Drape) with 751 Shade; 1993 Pink (Short Lincoln Drape) with 751 Shade; Undated Amber (Short Lincoln Drape); Washington Drapes (New): 2 Frosted, 1 with new Shade; Frosted 70th Anniversary Mantle Lamp with Shade & Certificate; Metal Aladdin: 2 Brass #7; aluminum bracket lamp base; Original Parts & Accessories: Ceiling Extension; Approximately 78 of 3 Line Chimneys (Including 12 with boxes); 6 Aladdin Pyrex Chimneys; 12 New Chimneys; 24 New Aladdin Chimneys; C.I. Ceiling Hook; 2 C.I. Wall Brackets; 9 Model B burners; 1 Model 11 burner; 10 Aladdin new Type A & B wicks in original box (box as is); 12 Lox-On Mantles; 12 B & C in original box; 4 Perfection inner-flow wicks 331-X in original box; 1 #500 Perfection Wick in original box; Assortment of Model 11 & 12 Wicks in boxes; #201 Burner; 13 brass shade rings; Approximately 26 Mantles; 3 of Clear Washington Drape; 1 Clear Beehive; 1 Amber Cathedral; 1 Pink & 1 White Venetian; 1 Electric Middle for Alacite Lamp; 2 Rose Moonstone Bases only; 1 Pink Venetian Base only; miscellaneous Brass & Nickel Fonts For Bases; 2 Iron Bases adjustable Goose Necks; 1 Box Aladdin Stick Matches Cupples Company St Louis (empty); Alacite; Table Lamp Shades: 21C Red Cased 10” (English); 201; 302; 501-9; 601; 701-A; 201-6 Opal White “Bull's-eye”; 601-5 Cabin Shade; 601 Red (plain table lamp shade); 8 other Assorted Shades (1 of them a hanging lamp shade); Paper Shades: 16” Floor lamp shade; 14” Floral Design Shade; Alacite: 2 Ashtrays (1 damaged, 1 Coaster Style; Aladdin Finials: Clear Crystal; Purple Crystal; Green Crystal; Advertising & Printed Materials: Double Sided Tin Aladdin Kerosene “Advanced Service Center” Header pierced for hanging 18”T x 24” W; Cardboard Counter top “Aladdin Mantle Lamps Provide Modern White Light From Kerosene” fold out display (damaged, as is) 33” T x 37” W; 2 of Aladdin 10” Crystal Shade Boxes; 6 Paper Directions; 2 Paper Wick Directions; 5 Coleman Quick-Lite Generators w/ boxes includes 3 Q99, 1 #T44; & 1 0f 603-299; Fonts (only): White Moonstone; Jade Moonstone; White Alacite; 1 Clear Crystal; 1 Clear Quit; 1 #23 Chromium; #12 Nickel; #23 Lincoln Drape Clear; #23 Clear (Greek Key?); #23 Leaf; #23 Milk Glass Floral; 2 Red (Eagle Burners); Electric Lamps: 23 Electric lamps including 2 Cupid Short Base Electric Alacite; M-123 & M-143 Metal Figural; Venetian Electric with shade; Alacite Table Urn; Alacite; G-227; G-255; G-258; G-222; G-35; G-22 pair; Miscellaneous Lamps: Clear Pressed Glass Electric with Dome Shade; Red Satin Poppy Base with Font; Coleman Pat. #D115 505 Tan; Atterbury type with Clear Font (Ring Punty); Milk Glass oil lamp with Blue Font hand painted, Plus Much More Not Listed!