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Dudley's Auction

Dudley's Auction

Dudleys' Auction is a family owned business, headed by Robert Dudley & his daughter Emily. In business since 2004, they have grown to employ a staff of 15, with varying licenses and areas of expertise. With lifelong interests in antiques and collectibles, this story began in 1989 with the acquisition of the future Auction site property and soon followed the connected real estate a historical haunt called The House of Stuff. Collecting and selling became a way of life with the opening of Maine-ly Antiques. However the buying outpaced the selling, floor space an issue so something had to change. Intrigued by auctions and their ability to move goods in a competitive arena, Robert attended auction school, becoming a licensed Florida auction in 1996. Beginning that same year the shell of an existing auction company was purchased and began a monthly cataloged sale held on the 1st Sunday. Design and building of our present state-of-the-art auction facility began in 2001 with the first auctions held in 2004. The 1st year we conducted 14 sales and since 2011 that number has grown to roughly 100 every year. Since that day, we have conducted over 1,100 auctions both in-house and on-location with a mix of antique, personal property and nearly anything else which needed a new home.
4000 S. Florida Ave
Inverness, FL 34450
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Upcoming Auctions from Dudley's Auction

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Past Auctions from Dudley's Auction

Date: Descending
Ships by Enzo Algelucci & Attilio Cucari published 1977
The Ship An Illustrated History by Bjorn LandstromFour Ship  books : America's Cup Book (1851-1983) pub.

Entomology, Firearm & Reference Text Auction

Apr 30, 2020 3:48 PM EDT
United StatesInverness, FL, US
Auction Ended
MSD (Multiple Spark Discharge) ignition, Part no. 6420
Autometer Tachometer #2303 Black w/ white face 3 3/4"Lot of 2 Canton Holley 1"thick Phenolic Carb Spacers in

Custom Speed Shoppe & Mechanics Auction

Jun 20, 2009 4:20 PM EDT
United StatesInverness, FL, US
Auction Ended
223: COLT .45 Caliber MKIV Series 70 Cufflinks & Pin
208: GORGEOUS Split Bamboo Rod set with pouch and ORIGI239: Nice lot of Pflueger Reel & Spools.  We have a Pfl

VINTAGE Fishing & Sporting AUCTION

Apr 11, 2009 4:20 PM EDT
United StatesInverness, FL, US
Auction Ended