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AR Antiques, LLC

AR Antiques, LLC

"Gabriel Vandervort's career began as a producer and writer of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and History International. His love of history quickly brought him into the world of collecting coins and artifacts from the ancient world, as he began networking with local auction houses, artifact dealers and experts in the field, such as Joel Malter and David Sear. His passionate hobby quickly turned into a full-scale business as he began acquiring ancient coin and artifact collections from sources around the world. In 2003, Gabriel left the History Channel and Ancient Resource was born. Soon his client base spanned cultures and continents, and he enjoys a loyal, dedicated following that continues to grow. As his business expands, Gabriel spends time conducting research and traveling extensively throughout Egypt, Jordan, Western Europe, Turkey, Greece, and the former Czech Republic. In 2008, Ancient Resource incorporated and evolved into the live auction house it is today. We feature established and trusted collections from across the globe, all painstakingly authenticated and guaranteed. Drop us a call or an email... we're famous for our professional, fast, and friendly service."
PO Box 278
Montrose, CA 91021-0278
United States
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Past Auctions from AR Antiques, LLC

An attractive Etruscan bronze figure of Herakles
A rarely offered Egyptian terracotta offering trayLarge Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period
usAuction Ended
Choice Egyptian alabaster headrest, Middle Kingdom
Pair of Roman Imperial portrait heads, Severan DynastyFantastic Roman bronze olpe in form of a female head
usAuction Ended
A lovely framed set of Egyptian cartonnage panels
A well-detailed Roman marble head of a manA Roman provincial bronze figure of Venus
usAuction Ended
Roman marble fragment of the head of a helmeted Mars
An Apulian Greek high handled oinochoeA gorgeous Roman amber glass bottle
usAuction Ended
An Egyptian wooden mummy mask, Late Period
Lovely Coptic marble relief depicting saints, EgyptEtruscan/Roman terracotta head of a man
usAuction Ended
Fantastic upper portion from an Egyptian wood coffin
Egyptian limestone head of a pharaohVery rare Elamite bituminous serpentine Ibex rhyton
usAuction Ended
Egyptian carved stone head of a deity
Egyptian limestone figure of a concubine, New KingdomLarge and impressive Egyptian wood figure of Anubis
usAuction Ended
Egyptian blue faience bust from a huge ushabti, Late
An Egyptian wood 'Mummy' mask, Late PeriodA large Etruscan amphora with swans, Italic
usAuction Ended
Egyptian bronze statuette of a seated cat, 26th Dynasty
Oversized Roman Imperial Portrait of the Flavian PeriodRoman marble head in manner of Augustus
usAuction Ended
Egyptian deep blue faience ushabti, Late Period
A Roman bronze figure of winged ErosA very large Etrusco-Corinthian red-figure olpe
usAuction Ended
An extremely rare Egyptian faience Hippopotamus
A beautiful Egyptian wooden falcon, Late PeriodA Greek  bronze helmet of Corinthian type , 6th Century
usAuction Ended
Egyptian wood ushabti box panel, Late Period
Egyptian red/black stone amulet of a trussed oxA nicely molded Teotihuacan figure from Mexico
usAuction Ended
Egyptian limestone figure a kneeling scribe
A Sabaean marble head of a manRoman marble sarcophagus fragment depicting an offering
usAuction Ended
A beautiful Egyptian wood ushabti box panel
Babylonian cuneiform brick with Inscription ofAn Egyptian alabaster cosmetic vessel
usAuction Ended
Egyptian bronze figure of Bastet, Late Period
Egyptian wood artist palette with paint and brushesA large and impressive Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris
usAuction Ended
A Roman bronze figure of Genius
A Greek bronze figure of a humped bulA good sized Nayarit seated female figure
usAuction Ended