Estate Auction Services, LLC

Estate Auction Services, LLC

Estate Auction Services, LLC (EAS), as its name implies, focuses its efforts on the liquidation of estates that consist of real and personal property. Prospects for its services include, but are certainly not limited to: • People who have inherited their parents’ home and furnishings and have removed items they intend to keep. EAS then sells the real property and remaining items at auction. • Lending institutions that have foreclosed on a property and are unable to sell it are also prospects for EAS’s services. If the property still has furnishings, the service is exactly as if it were an inherited property. EAS sells the real property and its furnishings. However, if the house is vacant, EAS fills it with furniture and decorations, holds open houses to expose the property to more potential buyers, and then sells the house and personal property at auction. • Owners of special-use property can take advantage of EAS’s services to create an event and gather a group of people that offer potential for buying the property. Auctions are held as frequently as needed, rather than on a regular schedule, and rather than specializing in a specific type of merchandise, EAS specializes in the service it provides for its clients. We take pride in assisting clients through a difficult time in their lives. The antique and collectibles expert is Ken Buhler who is also the auctioneer. Ken has been in the antique and collectibles auction industry since 1984. Among his many accomplishments he ranks the sale of Poche Plantation, the 19th century home of a former Louisiana State Supreme Court Justice as one of his favorites. EAS includes its auctions on Live Auctioneers when the contents of the sale are appropriate for the exposure.

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