Horton's Antique Clocks

Horton's Antique Clocks

Welcome To Horton's Antique Clock Auction So far the media has not succeeded in slowing down antique clock collectors, but they have touted their gloom and doom long enough to affect some other segments of our economy. They apparently are convincing a lot of folks that the country is in the throes of a recession. Not to say we are not, or will not be, but so far the country has not had two successive quarters of negative growth, the definition of a recession. Another item of interest, since 1948 we have had 10 recessions, the shortest was 6 months, the longest 16 months, and the average was about 10 months. If collectors were to stop buying clocks, I would probably have the largest clock collection in the world, because I just keep buying collections of nice clocks. Our May 2008 auction was as good as any we have had in over 20 years. Maybe it was because we had scores of early clocks, but I do not think so. Big clocks sold, little clocks sold, expensive clocks sold, and inexpensive clocks sold. We sold over 50 clocks the first two weeks after the auction ended, for our minimum price plus 10%. In addition to the balance of Lee Smith’s collection, this catalog has part of a collection of over 150 rare clocks that were purchased from Sotheby’s and Christie’s Auctions over a 30 year period by an Oklahoma City couple, plus other rare and unusual pieces they bought overseas. I have been struggling with that collection for over two years trying to catalog them for this auction. I had no reference material to help with the descriptions of the many unusual clocks, particularly some small French and Swiss desk clocks, and other rare clocks, such as a 16th century Dutch table clock. I considered sending to Sotheby’s, and/or Christie’s, but I decided our customers deserved an opportunity to bid on them. We will put the remainder of that collection in the January 2009 auction. I hope you find some things of interest in this catalog. Horton’s Antique Clocks Carroll Horton & Joe Brewer

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