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I was born to do this. Let me just quantify that. Many years back I worked at one of the largest Banks in Switzerland as a Private Wealth Fund Manager. In short, that means managing people's money that have over a million Euros to invest & that was relatively a small amount, compared to the vast majority of clients. Now I've always had a very keen interest in Art, in fact I originally trained as an Art Curator at Kings College Oxford. Though I worked at a few small galleries, I was diverted into banking during my mid-20s. While there, I discovered a very unique niche market in the private banking sector that hadn't really been thoroughly & properly explored. Indeed, my qualifications are very unique in the Private Assets Management Sector & so I honed my sights & eventually achieved my aims through vision, tenacity and a big dose of good luck. After spending 15 years in Private Banking, & garnering a Rolodex (pre-smart phone) of some of the most highly respected names in Art Appraisals, Authentication, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & a portfolio of several million Euros, I decided it was time go back to my first love. This unrequited love had burned in me for so long, I hadn't realized how joyous it could have ever have been for me. Of course, that love was Art. So now with nigh on 30 years, either studying or collecting & strategically buying & selling Art, I can finally bring you the wealth of my experience, both literally and figuratively. It's taken a lifetime. I know the pitfalls of the art dealing world & I am very sorry to say, that it is a bit of a minefield out there, especially for newbies. I have intimately studied artists across the board, both as a long-term investment & an admirer of fluid genius. I know all the buying and selling peaks and troughs of all the 20th Centuries major Artists, for the last 40 years. It was my job & it's something I did with dedication, relish and passion. With the Western world's economies still in flux & interest rates at an all-time low, now (more than ever) is the right time to invest. In the long term, art only increases in value & not only that, you get to gaze on a piece of history, in your own living room. Let me be your guide, to your passion. -Frankie
Triq Parades
San Pawl Il Bahar, N/A
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