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Esher, United Kingdom
Apr 23, 2021
Items received in good order.My items were received in good order.
Neusaess, Germany
Jul 24, 2021
no response from auction houseDon 'buy at Berkely Auctions! I spent 19000 euros on a Banksy screenprint but never received the article, the auction house doesn't respond to my messages, live auctioneers seem to have closed their account after I had sent a complaint. I think these people are criminals and I will try to report the matter to the police.
BANKSY (GB, 1974)
Joseph B
Los Angeles, California
Jul 07, 2021
Terrible customer service. The worst I have endured in 30 years as an art collector.This auction house is criminally negligent. I tried them in 2019, and waited 4 months for custom communications and delivery of my item. They admitted fault, blaming the confusion on COVID. I cancelled my order with low hopes that they could be better during a second attempt. I tried purchasing from them again on March 7, 2021. This time they rooked me into paying with a bank transfer, so my payment could not be easily recovered. No surprise, they lost the second item as well, this time blaming it on the shipping company. I have been fighting for 3 months to get a refund. Now i am seeking legal advice from the UK Ombudsman. I cannot understand how they are allowed to continue enrollment on Live Auctioneers? I encourage all future customers to AVOID THIS COMPANY or join me in seeking suspension of their business license if you have also been rooked by them or served a bunch of delays plus excuses.
Manchester, United Kingdom
May 05, 2021
Bid, Paid, received nothing and no response from requests for infoI won a bid for an item which is a very nice print. I paid the balance outstanding. I have not received any updates or notifications of shipping. I have sent several requests for updates and subsequent asks for support. Over a month later I have received nothing, so I am hundreds of £ £ £ s out of pocket.
St Nom La Breteche, France
Apr 23, 2021
horribleI think that you do not have a certificate of this “WORK” by Yves Klein because it is false. Otherwise it has been more than a month that you are kidding us, that is to say me and LiveAuctionneers. a scandal, which cost me 2500 ��. I will do everything either to have a certificate or to prevent you from continuing to make fun of buyers. Be careful
Houston, Texas
Apr 13, 2021
None shipment of itemsBerkeley Auction were unresponsive, did not reply to multiple emails and phone calls. Five weeks after the auction we have not received items nor have they confirmed when they will ship.

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