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My name is Terry Catalano and I am the auctioneer of Outer Cape Art Auctions. What started out as a simple idea over 7 years ago has grown into a successful, full art auction house specializing in representation of individual artists, full estate art collections, art dealers and individual art collectors. Outer Cape Art Auctions will take consignments consisting of 1 piece of artwork to 100 (or more, of course)! It was 5 years ago while I was sitting in my art studio, pondering the many sculptures I had to sell and trying to figure a way to get through the upcoming winter season. The galleries were closing, the tourists were leaving and I saw a tight winter ahead. Then the idea dawned on me. What if I was to have an art auction where the beneficiary was the artists themselves? I thought, "Provincetown has many auctions throughout the year, all benefiting many important non-profit entities, but none for the artists' themselves." The artists continually support these auctions by giving them their artwork to auction off for money to support these organizations. And then I realized how many artists were also in the same boat as myself, sitting in their studios, looking at all their artwork (translates into dollars) and came to the conclusion that this auction idea was a viable idea. Since then, I have hosted and called 60 plus auctions (countless non-profit), 1 antique and 7 Art Auctions for Artists. The Art Auctions for Artists have placed over $160,000.00 in the artist's pockets. so far. Many of the artists who were emerging at the time, have now found gallery representation and newfound collectors. Just the other day, one of the artist who had benefited from the Art Auctions told me the money she made through the auction helped her buy a home. My auctions now represent artists of the past along with artists of the present. I prefer to represent artists who have ties to the Cape Cod and particularly Provincetown, but if the artist is well known enough, I never say "no". Among the greats you will see in various auctions are: Charles Hawthorne, Robert Motherwell, Henry Hensche, Ross Moffett, Charles Heinz, Agnes Weinrich, Blanche Lazzell and many more. Check out the Artist's Biography page. That represents a large part of the artists I have had the opportunity to market and sell through the auctions. The auctions are now called "Cape Cod Artists: Past & Present". On average, there are 50 contemporary artists representing themselves in the auctions, so as you can see, through the growth of Outer Cape Auctions, I have not lost my original vision of helping the contemporary artists show and sell. I really love what I am doing. I spend close to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week on my business and I love it. On the December 30, 2000 auction, I set many auction record prices for artists of the past. I strive to do that in each and every auction. Through various marketing avenues, direct and website marketing, I advertise the artwork to create an opportunity to get as many qualified buyers as possible into one room to bid. I try to create excitement as this whole thing is very exciting to me. One year later, or 2002, my auctions have hosted standing room only crowds and has been attracting top quality artwork from artists of the present and the past. The November 10th , 2002 auction also had artwork from 2 eleven year old art students, both part of families with previous and present generations of artists. The success received from this has opened the door for the opportunity for many young artists to participate at a very early age. My hopes on this? To inspire children to follow their artistic endeavors and who knows, maybe inspire the next great Hawthorne, Moffett, Hofmann or Motherwell. 2003 has brought more world record prices. The President's Day Auction in 2003 saw a museum piece Henry Hensche portrait reach a world record price of 31,920. And it looks like it is only going to get better. The July 2003 Auction set a world record for Karl Knaths, NA. November and December Auctions in 2003 saw previous auction records broken and shattered for late artist Bruce McKain, Florence Bradshaw Brown, Ada Rayner and many other early Provincetown artists. And... The results speak for themselves. So...in closing, if you have that great Ross E. Moffett painting? The undiscovered Charles Hawthorne portrait? A great landscape by Henry Hensche? I hope you give me a call. Looking for the great Moffett, Hawthorne or Hensche? Then, I hope you come to one of my auctions. Terry Catalano, 508.487.7281 Auctioneer, License #2539 Massachusetts
8 Pearl Street
Provincetown , MA 02657
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Upcoming Auctions from Outer Cape Auctions

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Past Auctions from Outer Cape Auctions

Date: Descending
68: Jeunesse 1934 French movie poster on linen, 62 x 46
15: Andy Warhol's "Flesh" movie poster, 52 x 35, framed50: Pablo Picasso Linocuts, 1958-1963, 29 x 20.25, with

Celebrity Memorabilia Auction

Jun 17, 2012 7:58 PM EDT
United StatesProvincetown, MA, US
Auction Ended
60: oil, Provincetown, Karl Knaths, Sail Loft Interior
30: oil, signed Milton Avery, 1947, abstract58: mono print, Provincetown, Karl O. Knaths, Boatman

Provincetown & Beyond Art Auction: Live Video

May 09, 2010 3:20 PM EDT
United StatesProvincetown, MA, US
Auction Ended
1: Henry  Gasser, Untitled , watercolor
34: Raymond Eastwood, Dunes, 1946, oil, Provincetown75: Painting, Robert  Beauchamp, oil, Provincetown

Provincetown Artists and Beyond Art Auction

Feb 15, 2010 2:20 PM EST
United StatesProvincetown, MA, US
Auction Ended
129: Painting AIC artist, Still Life
161: Painting Provincetown late artist105: Painting Provincetown artist Still Life

Cape Cod Artists: Past, Present & Beyond

Oct 15, 2007 2:20 PM EDT
United StatesProvincetown, MA, US
Auction Ended